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How To Make A Good Student Business Card

Today, a business card is the most powerful advertising tool of many successful companies.

Most firms use business cards as a means of conveying the necessary information to the client. This is very important in the modern world, since the business card remains with a person and can be used at any time, as soon as you need the services of a specialist.

A properly designed business card is a powerful tool for students. With it, you can introduce yourself in a favorable light to the right people. It will help you effectively attract attention to yourself at various events, for example, at the annual job fair, where employers usually do not have time to listen to your resume, but a well-designed business card can say everything for you and as a result can help you to get your desired position.

Many recent graduates ignore this business tool, believing that business cards are not effective, that they are unnecessary expenses, that they are outdated long ago. But, as practice shows, a properly designed business card can be many times more efficient than a big board in the city center. However, not every business card will be selected by a potential employer. Most business cards are thrown in the garbage after 5 minutes they were handed. Why is this happening? Because not all business cards correspond to the proper level.

Today, Pro-Papers experts will tell you how to create a proper and effective business card.

Pay special attention to the text

Remember, a business card is not an advertising booklet, and you shouldn’t try to fit all your stuff there. A correct business card should contain concise and clear information. It is quite enough if you indicate your name, the educational institution that you graduated from, the year of graduation, and contacts. It will be great to indicate your professional website or email. You can specify the associations which you are involved in as employers want to see your involvement.

In fact, that’s all. You cannot put anything else on the business card. Of course, each business card has its own purpose, but the main thing to remember is that information overload is a huge minus. Clarity, conciseness, informativeness – these are the three basic commandments of the business card text.

Graphics and background for the right business cards

Today minimalism is appropriate in the design of business cards. Minimalism contains three correct bases: clearness, laconicism, informational content. There is no need to use a lot of graphic elements, drawings, logos, all sorts of photos and patterns. Business card, made in bright and soothing colors, not conspicuous, but at the same time attracting attention, would be the best option.

Element arrangement

A very important role is played by how you place all the elements on the business card. After you make the layout of business cards, order several test samples. Then you can take a live look to evaluate the practicality and usability of your business card.


You can combine a maximum of two fonts on a business card. This is done to ensure that your card looks solid. Otherwise, even if it seems to you that it is very beautiful, you risk getting a low-quality business card that can significantly damage your reputation.

Color spectrum

Adhere to the rule of minimalism, and use a maximum of 2-3 colors when building a color business card system. The colors should be chosen so that the best fit and complement each other. Also, do not forget about your corporate colors. If you have it, then the business card should be performed in a similar color scheme.

The material of a good business card

As a rule, the material should be chosen based on the scope of your business and the use of business cards. If the business card is intended for potential employers, it is better to choose a standard thick paper, and cover it with a thin layer of varnish.

A method of making the right business cards

First of all, the method depends on the material you choose. Then you should pay attention to how and where this business card will be used. Modern printing centers offer many different options for making business cards – offset printing, silk screen printing, embossing and die-cutting, and dozens of different ways, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Never print your business cards on a color printer by yourself. Believe us, you will not save money, but only spoil your reputation. If an employer receives such a card, then he/she thinks several times about whether it is worth working with you.


Evaluate your business card, not by itself, but among other copies. When creating a business card, imagine how it will look on the table, surrounded by other cards. It may seem to you that your business card is a masterpiece, but still test it for originality in a stack with others. The main criterion for success: it must stand out.

Business card storing

Buy a business card holder. It will keep your cards in good shape, and it will look respectable when you present your business card, taking it out of a brilliant, beautiful, neat business card holder.

Correction on the business card

Of course, you can correct incorrect data with a pen, and this will help potential employees get information. But at the same time, they will conclude that you are not serious about your business.

Errors and typos

Check business cards at all stages of production. Also, give business cards to your colleagues and employees of the company, let them look with a fresh look, they may find some inaccuracies.

One small mistake on a business card is a hundred times worse than a few typos in an ad booklet. Be the most demanding of yourself and the text of your business card.

What should be on a student business card?

Contact information should be the main focus on college students’ business cards and should include: name, phone number and e-mail address .

If you want, you can include ‘NYU class of 2011’, or you can include what field you’re in, such as ‘marketing professional.

If you have a URL that recruiters might be interested in (such as a professional blog, or personal Web site) you can include a QR code.

The fact that you have [a QR code] and understand it and that you’re using emerging technology, that shows that you’re ambitious enough to seek out something new and implement it to your benefit. It means they can contact you for your specific talents and start the conversation already knowing some of your background

Keep these simple rules in mind and your business cards will work efficiently!

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