How To Make Egusi Pepper Soup By Sisi Yemmie

Have you heard of egusi peppersoup before?

Here are the kinds of peppersoup most people know;

#1. The meat peppersoup

This can be made from any kind of meat: beef, poultry, chevon (goat meat, I can blow grammar too) etc.

Image: Nigerian Food TV

Photo: Nigerian Food TV

#2. The yam peppersoup

This is either a combo of the meat peppersoup with yam or fish peppersoup with yam. And it’s delicious.

Yam peppersoup

Photo: SisiYemmie

#3.  The fish peppersoup

We know this ever popular bar food made from catfish or any other kind of fish.

Nigerian Catfish peppersoup

Photo: SisiYemmie

Apparently, there is Egusi peppersoup. It is a delicacy from the Warri area of Delta state. To make this novel dish, you need: smoked fish, smoked chicken/goat meat, smoked prawns, fresh pepper (ata rodo), ground crayfish, ground egusi and of course, peppersoup spice.

Egusi peppersoup

Photo: SisiYemmie

Watch as Sisi Yemmie shows you how she gets the delicious looking soup above:

Via: SisiYemmieTV

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