How to market your business and increase sales

For a business to grow or become successful there must be an effective marketing that drives sales. Without marketing your business there’ll be no sales. Needless to say, sales is the lifeblood of any business.
No matter how life-changing your product is, if nobody hears about it, you are as good as dead. Hence, you need to get the words out there about your business.
Marketing is more or less those things you do to get as many eyeballs as possible on your business. The more prospects you’re able to reach out to in your marketing campaign, the more sales you’re able to close.
Whatever marketing strategy you choose for your business, it should consist of a message that makes the prospects willing and ready to buy your product.
This is why it is important to speak the language of your customer. At some point, you’d need to forget about all grammatical rules and speak the exact language your customers relate to.

Let us consider some proven methods to market your business and increase sales:
1.Know Your target audience
   The number one mistake many business owners and entrepreneurs make is trying to sell their product to everybody. Selling to everybody is literally selling to nobody.
Your product cannot possibly be for everybody.
The first step to marketing your business to increase sales is to know your target audience/market. Targeting the wrong audience is like trying to sell pork to a man in Saudi Arabia or selling hot coffee in Sahara desert.
Obviously, there will be little or no sales. Why would anyone spend their money on something they have no need of?
Never go to where you’re not wanted, you would only annoy others and wear yourself out. It is strongly advised that you niche down and focus on your target audience to get the most out of your marketing efforts
2.Discover the problem and offer a solution
  The aim of every business is to solve a problem. People are willing to pay you heavily if your business solves their problems.
It will be difficult to market your business to an audience if you don’t know what their problem is. As a business owner, your first priority is to make your clients happy by solving their problem.
Asking the right question and listening to your customers’ complaints is a good way to discover their problem. Finding those problems and giving the solution requires a strategic approach.
The most successful businesses are the ones that identify customer problems and solve them in a way that is timely and affordable for the customer.
3.Leverage on the social media.
  The use of social media is not going down anytime soon. Hence, the importance of social media in marketing cannot be overlooked. Many companies and big brands have seen the importance of the social media, and so have joined the bandwagon.
According to Hubspot, 92% of marketers in 2014 claimed that social media marketing was important for their business, with 80% indicating their efforts increased traffic to their website.
In fact, you can’t talk about marketing without including the social media. Gone are the days when the social media was just a place to chat and meet with friends. Nowadays, many people use it solely for business. There are people who build six figure business from their social media account alone.
 So, to get the most out of the social media, you must be available where your target audience is hanging out. Build trust by giving them value before ever trying to sell to them.
Use the social media account that fits your business. Most people start with Facebook because it is cheaper to reach people through Facebook ad. There are also, twitter, Instagram, google plus and many others. Just go where your target audience is.
4.Use Word of mouth
  It is said that word of mouth marketing is the best form of marketing.  It is not only the best but also the cheapest and most powerful. If your brother or friend recommends a product to you, do you think twice before buying it? No! You trust their judgment and also believe that they can’t lie to you. That’s the power of word of mouth marketing!
To make your customers become your brand evangelist, you must solve their problem in a special way that touches their heart. When the solution you offer grips their hearts and literally move them to tears (yes, there are products like that), they can’t help but tell everybody they know about you.
However, there are lots of people who will not share their experience with your product to their friends, you can’t force them, you can only persuade them to share their testimony with others.
The first priority of  a business owner to his customers is to make them happy and satisfied. They’re the ones who will blow your trumpet and sing your praise.
Make a promise to rather lose money than displease a customer.
Ask your friends, family or colleagues who have used your product to give honest reviews and feedback about it.

Pay attention to every negative review and address it immediately. Use every feedback to improve your business. Ensure to under-promise and over deliver. 

   Hope this goes a long way in growing your brand and increasing your product sales!!!! 
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