How to overcome fear and become a motivational speaker

A large percentage of people in general naturally do lack the stamina and courage to stand before a crowd and motivationally address them. While this is a cause of concern for many, there are also people who do not have any difficulties with this. However, understandably this is a problem but not without an effective solution.

The fear of public speaking can be overcome with zeal and intent commitment.  Today, we’ll look at 4 possible ways to overcome fear and speak motivationally to a Nigerian audience.

Below are your four points.

1… Have a live goal
This is usually where it starts from. Having a goal at the beginning of your speech or preparation is necessary to overcoming being gripped by fear. The common goal you should have from commencement is that you should be able to convince this audience and necessitate positive action from them after all said and done. This is a goal, your goal, make it live, give it life and acknowledgement all through your delivery! This means that firstly you’re motivated by yourself and there’s no surest way of motivating others without you being motivated first of all. Believe in the reality of what you have to offer, when you do, it would reflect in your countenance and this reflection would imbibe your audience motivationally!

2… Challenge yourself
The second tip is challenge. Yes challenge! If you’re naturally an introvert or you are used to faltering and being dominated with fear, Now is the time to challenge yourself. Challenge yourself everytime and anytime that you would be able to do it right this time. Make up your mind that this fear wouldn’t meet up with you again this time. When you have this conviction and undaunting respect for yourself, you would realize that this challenge Spurs you on and you could notice that even midway to your delivery, you feel like you’re loosing it, this challenge comes alive and you remind yourself of the victorious challenge you have placed on yourself already to do it right this time. In a way, you would be able to reach your goal of motivating an audience if you constantly remind yourself of this existing challenge.

3… Be prepared
Okay, this comes a little bit easier to understand. There’s a strong relationship between preparation and successfulness. Remember, he who fails to plan, plans to fail. This is simple and so true, if you don’t give enough attention to your preparatory aspects or the preparatory aspects of your delivery as per planning it to be a motivational one, you’ll loose out big time. Because the necessary motivational points would be missed and the vital stresses that should imbibe yiur audience would either be absent or be dead in your speech. So take out enough time to prepare and re-prepare your delivery. It helps so much in achieving a motivational end!

4… Master your outline or speech

So this is a bit related to preparation but still very much quite different. This has to do with the act of gaining mastery over your written speech. Well, it goes in two ways. Cramming and understanding. Cramming might be helpful and beneficial if you are gifted with a large memory that can hold down such large amounts of propulsive retention but may also be devastating if you miss a line while delivering. Best advise is to practically and mentally understand your outline, understand where and how word parts where used in description. Be sure that you can still be able to give your speech, same delivery successfully should in case your outline gets missing. If you’re able to gain this mastery, then you wouldn’t have to worry about missing lines. Your delivery would flow naturally and enthusiastically, this is how a successful motivational speech is borne!

Best regards from Michaels and cheers!!!!

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