How to prevent cancer,causes and cures


Cancer has become one of the worlds most dreaded diseases, though it appears rarely but it is one of the most deadly diseases that still has no very well established curative process. Little wonder then there is much worry on the part of many health-conscious individuals for enlightenment on cancer-preventive measures.
Technically, we can only learn cancer prevention  when we understand basic and extended causes, lets take out some few seconds to outline cancer causes:
 Extensive Research has revealed the following as true causes for Cancer
— Tobacco smoking
Tobacco is related to more than half of the different types of cancers existing globally.
— Mutation
Mutation has been a leading cause of cancer since scientific knowledge evovled into artificial propagations.
— Genetics
Some hereditary possessions have cancer traits and offsprings may receive this disease as being passed down to them from their ancestors.
— Excessive meat consumption
Certain meat processing methods can contain toxic substances related to cancer
— Caffeine
This has also been directly linked to the known causes of cancer and related complications.
— Unhealthy lifestyle
Unhygienic lifestyles could also trigger crtain types of cancer cells.
— Inadequate exercise
Exercise assists the physical body in so many known healthy ways, lack of exercise could lead to decreased immunity, subsequent obesity as well as assisting growth of illnesess including cancer in the system.
—  Bleaching products
— Use of harmful chemicals
— Exposure to Radioactive waves by the use of related electronic gadgets

Now, here’s the Preventive measures for cancer
The ultimate risk of cancer can be greatly reduced by following due guidlines such as
–Tobacco Avoidance
— Placing strict limitations on Alcohol consumption
— Limiting exposure to direct sunlight
— Including in your diets, high consumption of fruits and vegetables
— Avoiding obesity and
— Participating regularly in bodily exercises
Inasmuch as keeping and sticking to these guidlines cannot entirely guarantee you being cancer risk-free, but they go a very long way in aiding cancer prevention and keeping you on the safe side.

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written by Ogbaragu Michaels

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