How to protect your phone from hacking?

Many people are exposed to hacking their phones, through the presence of applications on the phone that allow the hacker to eavesdrop on the hacked phone and follow the movements of its owner and the shopping operations he makes, to obtain the secret numbers of bank cards, or to enter the phone’s “gallery” and steal private photos and videos.

Electronic devices expert, Engineer Issa Muslim, says that the hacking operations that occur in the Arab world in general, usually target the secret numbers of bank cards. People steal bank cards to use them.”

Muslim cautioned that there are clear indications that the phone has been hacked, including the high temperature of the phone without using it extensively, and the presence of applications loaded on the phone without the knowledge of the owner. Muslim advises that the phone be reviewed every period, to verify the applications loaded on it and their source, and work to remove any suspicious application, and download applications only from globally recognized sources, and adds: “It is better for every phone owner to keep a secret code that only he knows.” for the purpose of protection.

Muslim explains the importance of not opening the links that reach the phones, either via SMS, or through WhatsApp messages, as it is the easiest way for the phone to be hacked, and he adds: “Even the applications that we download ourselves on the phone, we have to make sure of the powers that these programs take on The phone, because hacking programs use the capabilities of the phone to spy as a “camera”, and in the event of a suspicion that there is a program that takes irrational powers, it must be deleted from the phone.

In a related context, Muslim warns against leaving the freedom to dispose of the phone in the hands of children, and considers that a child can own his own phone under the supervision of his parents as of the age of 12.

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