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Without doubt, memorizing all what we read is not just easy as we all know. Honestly speaking, memorizing things upstairs into our brains has been a challenge facing many students of various levels at any institution. The issue of memorizing what you are reading is just an issue being faced by University, Polytechnic, Monotechnic, Colleges of Education, Secondary and Primary students. Many students make the attempt to study hard and try to memorize very fast but the thing will just not stay up there. Let me tell you exactly why you read and the thing don’t stay up there?

Reading and comprehending as a tool to memorize very fast has two major fundamental principles. These two principles are the determinant of why you read and the thing insist not to stay up or stay there. The two main fundamental principles are:
1- Read, understand and pass
2- Read, cramme and pass
These two fundamental principles will be highlighted below.

This is one of the fundamental principles of reading. This technique of read and cramme the contents is popularly known as ‘read to pass’  or ‘la cramme la pour la forget’. Frankly speaking, many students nowadays only read to pass without the intention of comprehending the contents and contexts of the are reading. This kind of technique is not a worthy one to use if truly you want to really understand and memorize very fast. Even, there are some students who only read to pass their forthcoming examination, which is bad attitude. Students with type of attitude want to read in just few hours of 5 – 6 what they have been taught for 4 – 5 months. A good student will never take this system as a way to pass his examination. Why you should not take this a routine because it is a system that only works for just a period, after finishing the exam then all what you have read had gone. What is now the essence of you reading if you cannot remember what you were taught? 
This is a good quality of a student who wants excel. For this reason, refrain from this act of la cramme LA pass LA forget.

I call this digestive technique. This technique of reading and digest the contents is best way or method to read, comprehend,  memorize and still remember what you were taught in the coming next 3 years or more than that. This principle is basically sound as the name shows it: not only read, digest, comprehend and pass but also remember it later. Students will kind of attitude or students who use this as a system normally exceptional and they do shine very well in all their endeavors. In order to read, comprehend and easily not forget there are some basic tips that need to b employed.

The following are the tips you should employ for the system in order to be efficient. You don’t need to cram in as much as you can follow this simple tips.

it id pertinent that you understand who you are. Understanding your nature is very essential because knowing oneself ability is the key to success. Many students fail to understand their nature and keep copy the nature of their friends’ which might push them to the ugly system of LA crammed LA pour LA forget and finally end up in vain. Understand yourself, which time is better for you to read, is it early in morning? In evening? Or night reading?  How many hours can last when reading? These are basic things you should understand about yourself.
focus is very important when reading. Let your mind and heart be at where you are reading. Many students fall into this trip as a result of using headset or earpiece listening to music while reading. I must tell you this, I am very sure such student cannot give 100% focus to what he is reading. However, stay far away from any form distraction and calm your nerve before staring your reading.
NOTE IMPORTANT POINTS:Noting of important points also plays vital role in reading. Some students use jotter book to note points down, this is very helpful in comprehending what you are reading easily.
one of the best approaches is recording of lectures using any form of media tool. Mostly it is in form of audio recording of ongoing lectures. If possible for you then I will urge to employ this habit because it works perfectly. Record the lectures and when get back to your hostel or room then play it and listen to it attentively. From listening at the audio recording you might gain some aspects you even skipped when you were in class.
Finally, there are many other tips that can help you in reading and easily remember what you read. I hope you have gained from this article. I know if you can employ these techniques you will see the difference. 
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