How to setup a pharmacy store

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The field of Pharmacy has always been a lucrative one ever since orthodox medicine was discovered
as an effective curative process dissimilar to non-orthodox treatment anyways. Unlike rural inhabitants, urban occupants have a certain mentality geared by civilization that orthodox treatments are more prestigious and has more societal respects over herbal treatment, only a few persons prefer herbal treatments and a very vast majority of urban inhabitants only refer back to herbal treatments when ailments become extremely severe or sicknesses fail to be treated via the use of pharmaceutical products.

This trend makes it obvious to see that Phamarcy is a very good line of business. Additionally, certain clinics in Nigeria do not have either the legal right to operate pharmacies  or do not have the necessary funding needed in including or launching a Pharmacy as part of their clinical or medical establishments so in effect, they all either depend on near-by pharmacies to deliver medications to their patients or manually refer their patients to pharmacies to go get the required drugs. In a nutshell, launching a pharmacy in Nigeria is one of the best business endeavors one can possibly undertake and be sure to have impressive financial rewards at the end.
Now let’s take a look at the few necessary processes needed in starting a pharmacy in Nigeria.
1… Locate Hospitals and Clinics
You would so well agree with me that location is one of the first few factors to consider for every business. Similarly while planning to launch a pharcmacy in Nigeria, you need to find a suitable location and in this case, a suitable location is staying around clinics and hospitals and not close to the market as is usual with most businesses. Being located near such medical facilities increases your relevance and assists your sustainability and business acknowledgement. Also it makes it easier for these clinics and hospitals to partner with you as a supplier and also for sick patients admitted in the hospital or running a check-up and diagnosis to have a closer place to buy their drugs which is your pharmacy.
2… Find a standard drugs supplier
It is a trend in Nigeria, so many substandard products and this doesn’t exclude drugs. Substandard drugs are the order of the day and this is why NAFDAC in conjuction with other agencies keep working round the clock to ensure that standard drugs are being dispensed. You need a standard supplier for your pharmacy and the best time to find one is before even starting up but after you must have decided upon starting up a pharmacy. Find suitable suppliers who would give you quality and original products so you don’t offend the Law. Pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria really do not whole-sale or supply at high costs so buying directly from such companies improves your profit chances.
3… Get an operating License
The next thing you need to do before commencing your pharmacy business is seeking for and obtaining a Legal operating license. In Nigeria, it might be very much easy to get a fake license from a fake  agent but it’s always detrimental at the long run. It is best to obtain legal license from the right source, it may quite cost a little much than average but that’s what you need for undisturbed operation. Also your license convinces your future clients or customers of your authenticity and competence.
4… Learn about Drugs and types
So this has to do with basic knowledge as well as secondary knowledge of drug types and names. It is actually illegal and a form of drug abuse to sell or vend even legal drugs to people without them coming with a Doctor’s prescription from a certified clinic or hospital. So you’ll have to watch this, although in Nigeria laws are not enforced and this can or may be overlooked in most cases but as a matter of fact, if someone develops some medical complication as a result of the drugs you sold to them and perhaps they are allergic to them, you could get into legal trouble if it is confirmed that you sold those drugs without a doctor’s prescription from them. So learn about Drug types and names, it would facilitate how well you’ll serve your future or prospective customers.

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