How to start a Catering school

A catering school is a place where basically all aspects of baking, cooking and making dishes are taught and learnt. It is usually a pleasant and exciting place to be for many and more of girls love the experience and idea of being there. It’s a popular notion and idea that catering schools are only meant for people who cannot cook so if your fiancé or wife cannot make good faultless meals, you’d have to take her to a catering school. Well I’d disagree with this to some extent, yes agree that it’s very much alright to send your woman over to a catering school if she really appears to be having difficulty with cooking.

Sometimes and actually, the problem could be from home, they were not taught well or their mothers possibly were not good cooks, also there’s an existing possible fact that many girls did not grow with their moms perhaps they lost them early so they couldn’t learn from them or worse yet, very possibly they never gave attention to learning how to cook, so yes we agree it’s a problem and can be solved with the help and services of a catering school. But then I do not agree to it that catering schools are only meant for people who cannot cook, that’s archaic and unrealistic. Simply put, catering schools are meant to broaden your knowledge on catering.

If you’d like to start a catering school,
here’s what to do

1… Learn as much as you can
Learning is a continuous process and as such ought to be welcomed by any individual who aspires to be great and impactful. In the field of catering, one practically just can’t learn enough, there are over one thousand different meal types worldwide but then not all are taught at a time and definitely not all could be learnt. You first need to learn catering yourself, ensure you’re a good cook this is compulsory to do if you’d be running your catering school alone or in
conjunction with hired cooks or hired teachers. Learn hygiene too if you’d sincerely admit that you have problems with hygiene.

2… Hire good cooks
So this depends on how vast in form your practice would take. Perhaps you’re having plans to have enough provisions to recruit 100 students or more for each admission section, you possibly may not be able to handle this just alone, there’d be too much questions to answer as well as too many practicals to teach, this is where the idea or structuring into
smaller units would help, perhaps each catering class accommodating 30 students and each being assigned to a particular tutor to handle. Whether you’d be starting small or not, it is necessary that you include this in your plans as part of optimism reflections. Your school would grow and would definitely require more hands to run smoothly. Ensure you employ qualified, experienced and good cooks else you’ll be jeopardizing your academy even If you as the chief cook has the best qualifications.

3… Get a curriculum and program

To run a successful business, you need to be structured. Similarly, to run a successful catering school, you need organization and planning. First, you’ll need to prepare a Business Plan for your school and then you’ll need a curriculum to work with. You can search the internet to find a couple good programs on catering you can edit to suit your taste. Also, you’ll need to consult a couple other catering ventures around to borrow a leaf from them.

4… Advertise Advertise
Advertising is one of the most crucial parts of every business. More so, start ups need more and intensive advertising than established or existing companies. In terms of funds, it may not be very much available
for you considering that you’re just starting up but then you’ll have to try. Print a few flyers, banners and wall posters. Ensure to make them very much appealing to the eyes. include meal types you’d be teaching and snacks to make them colorful. Also inform family and friends, they’re the very first persons to advertise to, if they believe you, the community would!

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