How to start a computer training center

The world of IT has become an active engagement source for many. Due to its relevance and the unprecedented need for computer literates, so many people now desire to learn computer operation and repairs. As a vocational training centre, many owners of such schools have made millions of Naira recruiting and teaching interested persons the technical know-hows of computer handling, operation and repairs.
The future looks very promising and is very much certain for computer literates because virtually over 90% of todays activities have not less than 80% of dependence on computers. Ranging from banking to engineering, to automobile control to anti-hacking to internet operations and what have you?

In view of this, Mark Zuckerberg CEO of facebook has awarded an investment fund of 2.5 million dollars to Andela Nigeria which is an IT organization focused on helping Nigerians acquire IT instincts to keep up the pace with the global IT trend. So if you have decided or came up with the idea of launching a computer training centre, you’ve just added to the list of Nigerian entrepreneurs providing value to the society with profitable investment rewards for their innovation.

Lets consider a few necessary steps to undertake while starting a computer training centre.
1… Have enough IT knowledge
So you would’t want to be a bad teacher, definitely not! You’ll want to be able to teach and answer computer related questions when asked even if you have employed teachers to teach. If you are not already acquainted with Microsoft word, Excel, Publisher and the likes and a good computer
maintenance skills, now is the time to go for them.

However, it still very much largely depends on what type of computer training centre you’re planning to start up. Some training centres do only computer repairs, that’s hardware maintenance. Others do software training, that’s teaching the inbuilt features of computers like how to use the powerpoint, excel spreadsheet, microsoft word documents creation and its likes. While there are still computer training centres who combine both. So it depends on what you’re planning to do. Whatever the case may be, you
need to understand the subject matter your very self before commencing so get the needed training.
2… Have a budget of How much capital you’d require
Every business requires capital funding for starting up, some require more than the others while some require less. Depending on how large or how little you want it to be, you’ll need to create a budget to work with. This budget would give you an estimated sum of how much capital you’ll need to launch your centre. Also it is vital that you have this practical budget in order to not embezzle your funds or spend unnecessarily on less important avenues. So create a
budget and raise funding capital for your project.
3… Find a calm and relaxed environment
As a business man or as an entrepreneur who is aspiring to drag enough attention, it is very possible
that you might be thinking of launching your centre right in the middle of the market where people can notice you easily or perhaps in a very busy environment where there’s high traffic. Well, that’s reasonable thinking, but then i’ll strongly suggest a relatively peaceful and calm environment why because it affords learners the kind of calmness and undisturbed attention they’d need and desire to learn
with. Perhaps it could still be in a marketplace or a busy lane, but it’s still very much possible to locate calm environments around such places where there isn’t too much distractive influence.
4…Buy a few good and fast computers and learning desks
Here comes property and design. Your most have important property are computers in this case. You can’t be teaching a class of 10 persons with just 2 or 3 computers, it would’t work. Buy a couple of computers, i suggested few but that doesn’t mean little. Between 15 to 20 for a start is good idea. However, i’ll suggest you go for Laptops if you can afford them, they’re quite easier to maintain than desktops and also occupies less space, but then for the benefits of those who are entirely new to the IT system and would have to learn the very basics of computer education, you might want to have a few desktops as well. You’ll also need to be security conscious as per theft because these laptops can easily be pivoted away by unsuspected students.
5… Recruit students
So here’s the real deal, recruitment! So now, your school is ready but just one more thing is left out and hasn’t be given attention to. FEES! So based on the entire capital you spent on setting up your school and how much monthly expenditures you’d be making for Electricity charges and rentage, a mathematical calculation would be helpful in deciding just how much you should charge for your services that would see you start making profit in at least 4 months from inception. Decide upon a suitable charge and commence recruitment with it. However, you may not want to charge too high so that you can actually attract people, and the more people you have the more profit you’ll make. You may also need to print a few publicity fliers and banners.

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