How to start a driving school

A driving school is where the ethics of automobile movement and manning is taught. Technology has improved lives greatly and one good aspect of human activity which has been so much influenced by technology is transportation or locomotion. The essence of a driving school is to teach people how these automobiles can be dominated and controlled by persons as they are made to be used by anyone who is competent and equipped to use them.
In Nigeria, driving schools are on the rise basically because there’s an increasing stream of people who want to buy cars and as such would like to learn its operation before diving into one.
Here are a few things that can guide you to starting a successful driving school in Nigeria.

1… Obtain licensing
It sounds quite unlikely that licensing should come first on this list, however truthfully it’s the very first thing you need. After drafting a business plan and picturing how exactly you would want your driving school to look as an establishment, the very next thing to do is to visit the appropriate quarters to obtain a legal license necessary for a learning centre. There would be some requirements given to you, you can then come back and develop your school with these requirements if you do not have them already before going back to apply for licensing and registration again.

2… Obtain a perfect Position
Position yourself close to an empty motorable field or a vast expanse. A perfect position for a driving school may not necessarily be in town but a place where there’s a vast empty expanse for driving freely with no obstructions. I’ve seen most driving schools situated this way and belief me they do a lot more better. It may not be very wise to hope on using the major roads for your test practicals in teaching students of your school, it may be risky since a couple of them would be complete novices. So let them start off with the empty field driving and then subsequently they could proceed to the real road exercises to observe traffic signs and road maps.

3… Buy a few less expensive automobiles
So now we have the automatics and manuals. Everyone loves the automatic because the manuals seems to be phased out already. However, the manual type of automobiles still remain the best type to commence driving lessons with because it’s much more difficult to operate so if one gets to actually learn it very well, operating an automatic type automobile wouldn’t be a difficult thing to do at all. So I’ll suggest you lay eyes around to buy a few manual automobiles and if you can, it’d be nice to include the automatic steering types as well hopefully some of your students would graduate from the manual classes and as such would have need to further with the automatic type lessons.

4…  Hire good drivers
Whether you’d be in charge of day to day lessons in your driving school or not, it is paramount that you hire good and qualified drivers as well as ones with experience. It facilitates the learning process and ensures that your students learn rightly and that their certificates is merited. Perhaps one or two good drivers would do, either ones who would work as partners with you or as employees depending on your choice and relationship. Driving is fun and a driving school is certainly good business.

5… Determine suitable fees
So I really don’t know much about driving school fees but I have the idea that it’s basically alloted according to months or time spent on learning so you could have different packages or a forced and fixed learning duration depending on your choice. I think the maximum a learning driver stays in school is 6 months, it varies though so try to find out what fits best in your location or country. But definitely high fees would only scare people away and make you have fewer patronage while affordable charges gives you the best of attention. Once again, your location has a very strong bearing on the success of your school, people generally would like to study in an environment where they’d definitely be able to learn well.

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