How to start a private health care centre

Health centres can be found multiple times in every city. However, the number of available health centres are still not being able to meet up with daily and general health demands. On this note, it may be a very wise business decision launching a private health centre, not only to assist the public health centers in providing better health to community but also for it’s obvious advantage of being a perceptionally lucrative investment.

Generally, private health centres substitute public health centres in Nigeria. Though most times, public health centers charge far less for health services than private health centres, as a matter of fact so many citizens still choose and prefer to implore the services of private health centres due to the obvious possibility of quality health care and maintenance of clean surroundings.

It has been noted that although they usually lack sophisticated health equipments, most private health centers are usually more tidier as per environment and practice than public health centers in the same vicinity and this is because since the owners are individuals they tend to take more responsibility and care of their properties to ensure their businesses stay active and running.

Now, let’s look at 4 steps in starting up a private health centre

Because this is a profession that involves saving lives and there are a lot of people who really wish to tow this lane and render such services but do not have the necessary qualifications to commence this practice, you may need to go get some basic and extended trainings as well. There are short medical courses that do not require much time and stress to obtain. You could register with some professional organizations and get acquainted with the medical field. This is basically the first step you’d require while trying to start a private health centre. But then, if you’re already educated in the medicine field, then you do not need this process.

The next and subsequent step is getting certified. There are a couple of certificates you would need to actually start up a private health centre. Firstly ensure that whatever training you’re going for or whatever organization you’re registering with for acquiring health and medical training is one that would give you a valid certification after your training duration. Secondly, you would also need a government-issued legal license to operate. This you can apply for through the relevant offices and get before commencing your practice to avoid legal harassments and subsequent prosecution by the court of law. They may cost you quite much to get but certainly they are worth getting. Also ask around to know of other relevant certifications you may need for this activity.

Now, depending on the level of health centre you may want to commence, you may actually need the help services of related assistants. Perhaps a few nurses or doctors would do, while you remain the Director and or Senior health provider. Or perhaps you may not want to be part of your clinic but you just want to own a clinic or private health centre to your name. Whatever the case may be, you need assistance. This is where it is mandatory to consider selecting suitable and qualified assistants, understanding that you could get into legal trouble with the use of unqualified assistants. Also it’s a matter of saving lives, so you’d need the right persons to do the job not just any random persons.

This is where you’d actually need to spend a fortune. Items like stretchers, patient beds, drugs, an apartment, scanning devices and other laboratory equipments might cost you some fortune to get. But they are what you need. You might need to work with a list. And if you do not have too much to spend, you may just need to start with buying the basics and the most critically needed items and equipments for your health centre. The test equipments and diagnosis including specific and most-needed injections and drugs would be very compulsory to obtain.
In all, an estimate of between 1 million Naira to 2 million Naira would be enough to get your health center running.


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