How to start a restaurant business

Would you like to commence a restaurant or bar business in Nigeria? This is a nice idea and this article is specifically designed for you.
A restaurant business is a lucrative endeavour because people can’t help but to require the services of such owners to satisfy their hungry  tommies.
One of the perfect Nigerian cities to launch a restaurant in is Lagos State why? Lagos is a very busy place, a city bustling with steady human activities. Lagos has been listed by wikipedia as one of the world’s busiest cities, and home to Afvrica’s richest Man and one of the world’s richest Men in the person
of Alhaji Aliko Dangote. In Lagos everything goes, every business thrives, every idea sells. For one thing, due to the busy schedule of its inhabitants and the incessant and unavoidable Lagos traffic, people are rarely able to cook and eat at home especially bachelors and single ladies because they have to wake as early as 4;30 am to prepare for work just so they can swerve traffic and avoid being late to work, also most of the white-collar jobbers return home as late as 10:30 pm, so it is understandable that they are not able to eat neither breakfast, lunch nor dinner at home, logically such ones would depend on fast food and restaurants to service their bellies.

Nonetheless, besides Lagos there are so many other active cities in Nigeria where restaurants are good business. This article discusses principles for starting up a restaurant business applicable to any part of Nigeria and in extension Globally!
So then, let’s highlight practical steps in starting up a restaurant or bar business in Nigeria.
Everyone is a cook, at least we all make what we eat so we can agreeably be called cooks! However in terms of commencing or running a restaurant
business with the hope and intention of succeeding
with it, basic cooking knowledge isn’t just enough and this is because people have different tastes, your prospective customers all do not have a single taste that is common to them. This means that you need to having some cooking skills other than what you already know in other to be able to serve them satisfactorily while doing so from a common standpoint which accomodates all their individual savoring. So you’d need to learn from the experts or people who are already doing well in the catering industry even if you’ll have to pay for this knowledge,
its worth the dime spent on it.
When setting up a plan for erecting a building, financial costs is one of the most sensitive aspects to consider because the fund required to erect a two-bedroom flat and that for standing a four-bedroom flat has an obvious marginal difference. So it is imperative that you take a monetary research and find out just how much might be enough for launching your start-up and running it gainless for a few weeks at least. Ask around, ask for the cost of specific items on your budget list and get an overall
estimate for your exercise. With this, you have a
better knowledge of what you’re getting into to avoid being overwhelmed by practical facts.
Location is an important factor that is also as sensitive as finance to consider. What would happen to a school situated in the middle of the market in terms of its learning environment? Very noisy and practically inconducive for learning.  Similarly, situating your restaurant or bar at the wrong posture would not only delay your success but might as well burn up your capital if you sleep at it.
Restaurants need a steady supply of fresh green vegetables, packaged meals like fufu (if you can’t make it), good red meat, drinks and the likes. Taking it upon yourself to always go to the market and scout for all of these items might be very hectic and strenous in terms of purchasing and conveyance to your shop, so it is best to have a steady and standby supplier of good cooking materials and if you must be in the market yourself to buy some of these items, then it should be the minority of your stuffs.

Yes, advertising your bar or restaurant even before commencing operation is one way of gauranteeing and establishing success with it. Talk to friends about your plans, project your idea to your family, tell your present colleagues about what you intend doing, not
for them to discourage you but for them to be aware and visit to patronize you as well as lend any physical support or financial help they can afford. Also in the vicinity of where you plan to establish, create a
physical awareness of your business to people
around, perhaps by telling a few people around and asking them for suggestions on how to get good supplies.
Getting done with these processes means you’re now ready to launch your catering empire of food services.

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