How to start a vocational training centre in Nigeria

The recent economic meltdown in Nigeria coupled with the extended global economic crisis, has seen many being fired and loosing their 9 to 5 jobs. More so, thousands of people graduating from Tertiary Institutions every year are joining the league of qualified but gainfully unemployed youths as the problem of unemployment continues to edge on the population.

As a result of this, many fired employees have resorted to learning vocational skills whiles some intelligent undergraduates are learning vocational skills simultaneously while still running their Academic curriculum’s. At the same time, another category of individuals have decided right from the start to forfeit tertiary education and pursue vocational courses either as a result of lack of funds to pursue tertiary education or as a self-determined preference. As a result, many of these people are running their own individual businesses with obvious success records today.

This trend makes it logically comprehensive that Vocational training is the way forward and the ambition to launch a vocational training centre in Nigeria is  perfectly a good one.

Now let’s consider a few procedures to follow in starting a Vocational training centre in Nigeria.

1… Cumulative Research
This is the first necessary step to take in this journey because in the long run, this has the ability to place your school in a buoyant position depending on how well you understand this start up. You’ll need to do some basic research on vocational training, instancing the few vocational training centres you know around you if you have any, and if you don’t, exert some physical efforts to get the right facts about this exercise. This research includes understanding how vocational training centres are being run, what arrangements are most effective and the likes of such concerns should be treated satisfactorily with your research. It should be an extensive and a cumulative research.

2… Goal Orientedness
So here comes the attitude. The internal procedure for succeeding with any business and endeavour on earth. Goal orientedness is a fueling factor for success. There must be a set goal to achieve with every endeavor. In this case, it’s your desire to start up a vocational training centre, that’s understood. Here comes the big question. What is your actual
aim? Are you doing it for the money involved or the profitability you’ve learnt it contains? Or are you really wanting to impart on the society by actually helping people receive vocational training? This requires an honest evaluation, whatever you come up with is what you would work with. Apparently there are so many occupations people are currently into just for the money, it doesn’t make it a sin either but then, from my personal point of view, if value is what you hope to offer, and work on it, believe me you’d make more money than you ever ever imagined!

3… Be a Vocational student yourself
So here is where we need some practical knowledge of what vocational training is all about and the only best way to effectively obtain this knowledge is by becoming students of such Institutes ourselves. Verily yes! Enrol into one of the best vocational schools you can find around, perhaps not just for the value or intent of acquiring a skill but to understand practically how such a  school or institution is being run. Also the skills you would acquire from there is beneficial to you in the sense that it makes you a better teacher when you finally launch your own training centre.

4… Prepare a Business Plan
This is a mandatory aspect for all businesses in Nigeria and Globally. Any business that would thrive, succeed, grow and remain a success must have a strong business plan. Why is this necessary? It is necessary because this is where your business ideas and projections comes into play. This is the blue print of whatever your plans are for your business. In this business plan, you are going to discuss sensitive aspects of your vocational training centre like, how many staff would be required for a start? What branches would be dealt on? What equipments and facilities do I need to get this running? And as per location, you’d like to discuss what location is most suitable for you. A good business plan entails all these and more and is mandatory if you should succeed with this endeavor.

5… Get a License and Registration
Lastly you’ll need an operating license and legal registration. Though these two are to be treated individually but I’m combining the two for some reasons. Yes I’m discussing it simultaneously so you don’t see one as being more important than the other. The two are necessary to effect. Firstly of these two is, you’ll need to get your vocational training centre registered with CAC if you’re in Nigeria and if not, seek for the right authorities to consult for registration, this would afford you a legal recognition by the government as an existing business enterprise. Next, you’ll need to get an operating license, this is most sensitive. Without an operating license, you cannot award your students a legal and accredited certification. More so, the government would come for you and you are sure to get into legal trouble then finally your business might be ordered to fold and definitely you do not want this to happen. So you’ll need a license to operate your center and legal entry/registration of your business profile.

Thank me later, cheers!

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