How to start health talk shows on radio

Health is wealth and this is a popular ideology which is very true in every sense. Without good health, life is worthless as it would be filled with uncommon strife. Everyone is conscious of health especially when it comes to preventive measures. Today, more often than not we could hear people discuss and deliberate health issues on radio in a bid to enlighten the masses on certain aspects, in most cases it’s very interesting to listen to such topics as it opens your mind to certain things which you do not already know about your body and the human system in general.

Personally I’ve learnt so much by listening to health talk shows both on radio and on TV.

Now are you a health specialist and you’d like to discuss health related issues on radio? Do you wonder how it’s possible for people to get involved that way? It’s no magic, I’ll tell you just how to go
about it.

1… Get composed
Getting composed here simply requires that you try to be an expert if you aren’t one already. Yes, it’s possible you might have a thing for health discussions but then you may not be a certified health practitioner, more so you may not be fully acquainted already with what you think you know. Read further, research further. Utilize available tools like Wikipedia and Google to learn as much as you can. Even if
you’re a certified practitioner already, expand more on your topics and gather more information about them, it makes you a better teacher and one who would not faulter in the presence of questions. Bear in mind that for such health talk show activities on radio, there are times when the radio lines are open for people to call in and ask direct questions so you need to be very much dependable.

2… Create a program
Creating a program here is all about how, yes how you’d like your program to be like if you finally get a
partnership welcome from one of the numerous radio stations you’re yet to meet. You’d need to decide beforehand if you’d be more comfortable having your programs live or pre-recorded, If it’d be nicer hosting your talk shows at night, morning, noon or weekends and yes what days of the week would look more appealing  to you should in case you finally scale through. All these need to be known and down in writing. Yes, a program needs to be prepared which you’ll submit when it’s time to set to out with your host radio stations because for sure they’d like to know and they’d definitely require these..

3… Prepare a proposition
This proposition is to be in form of a partnership request or a resumé which you’d write and deliver to your intending radio houses. It should be simple, exact, precise and straight to the point. This is where you make known your desire of wanting to host health talk shows on their stations at which end you’d then have to kindly request for an oral interview or a one on one discussion with the manager of the
station. Remember, this is to set course of the interview where you’d be able to answer direct questions so you’d have to write nicely as much as you’d prepare and hope for the meeting.

4… Locate radio stations around you
The aim of locating these stations is simply for the reason of tendering your propositions. Not all would respond favourably, perhaps just just 1 in 5 would call you up but the aim is to increase your chances of succeeding as well as have a couple of stations to choose from should in case you’re finally invited by many. Remember, your success here depends on
how impressive and realistic your proposal is and also the actual orientation of of the radio station in question.

5… Tender your propositions and follow up
So you must have been able to round up at least 5 radio stations around you or maybe 10 even though they may be quite far form your actual place of residence but not to worry at all, it’s all for your good. Tender your proposals to as much radio stations as you can find and ensure, yes ensure to follow them up with emails and phone calls to see if they’ve gone through your proposal and what their responses are. Having a few friends there would be an added advantage. Usually, the hiring comes in two ways. Either you get an independent contract where you source for funds to run your program and pay a little percentage of your earnings to the management or they hire you, pay you a mutually agreed monthly compensation and all earnings goes to them. You may have to specify what manner you would love to work with them.

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