How to start manufacturing of needles and syringe

Syringes are one of the major technical equipments used in administering medications in the field of Medicine. It usually consists of a plastic hollow tube and a hollow needle attached to the outer part of it. Talking about its usage, it’s usage varies but then it has a more general usage on hypodermal activities and is used to either infuse liquids into the body or extract liquids like blood out from the body. We’ve all used or seen this equipment used on our bodies at clinics and hospitals or even on self medication.
Little idea exists generally on how syringes are made however as it requires large funds to build such a manufacturing company. This article is designed to make understanding of this device easier and it’s construction more practical.

First let’s talk about the Raw Materials

Syringes come in close contact with the skin and as such should be skin-friendly,  it is lawfully mandated that materials to be used for making these equipment must be toxic-free and in terms of pharmacology, they must be inert and stable. As a further requirement, they must be able to undergo sterilization against germs and other harmful organisms without being affected in composition and structure. There are different types of materials that suit this description so many diversified materials are available for this exercise. However, most needles of this purpose are made of Stainless in view of corrosion. As per the dispensary tube, it’s usually either glass or plastic. In most cases plastic.

To gain freedom for legal practice, you’d need some documentation and certification from Health Authorities in your country of residence or country of establishment.

As per technical requirements, yes you’ll need a Manufacturing Plant for this, the chemical name for the basic plastic material used in making plastic hypodermal syringes is Polypropene so you’d need a good quality of this material as its composition has an effect on the quality of the end products you’d have.

The practice is almost the same inasmuch as there are many different manufacturers of hypodermal syringes. The practical steps are as follows

— formation of needle
— formation of the plastic hollow tube
— arrangement/assembling of piece
— packaging process
— branding
— Distribution

Here’s further explanation of the crucial part of the above processes

1… Needle making
Stainless steel is passed through fire until it melts and becomes a molten substance (semi liquid, semi solid). After the melting process, since metals are malleable and ductile, the molten substance is passed through a thin mould that has been prepared as the size of the intended end products. Along the process, the formed needle is made hollow with the use of a die and then cut into many pieces as much as the resulting length can accomodate.

2.. The plunger
The plunger is the plastic or glass part of the syringe which usually contains the drawn fluid or the yet to be infused fluid in a medical system. Extrusion molding is one of the basic methods used in making these plungers as its been proved to be very effective. In this process, the tiny bits or powdered particles of the raw plastic or glass is fed into the system which spirally forces it into a chamber containing enormous heat enough to melt it. As it becomes molten, the substance is passed through a mold or die having the form of the expected outcome. This die molds the molten dense matter into a long continous extension which is then cut mechanically, successively and at regular intervals by the a cutting system attached to the system.

3… Arrangement
Arrangement or assembly can be done when all the individual parts are ready to be fixed. The pieces are then collected together and assembled into one whole piece and  then packaged, made ready for distribution. However, certain tests are carried out on the syringes to test for and ensure their are no leakages in the system when pressure is applied.

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