How to start massage therapy service

Massage therapy is one of the oldest forms of health maintenance. It involves the physical massaging of joints and muscles to give one a soothing relief and relaxation effect. It is nice remedy for work stress, fatigue and random muscle pain causing discomfort generally. Developed largely as an idea by a Chinese health officer, massage therapy as a form of physical health solution has reached almost all parts of the globe where orthodox medicine has seen effective acceptance.
Many learned individuals have accepted massage therapy as a healthy part of living and as such they do visit and make use of massage therapy service at least
once a month, others visit a few times a year.
Besides massage therapy being just a maintenance relief, it is also known to offer healing processes and remedies for broken bones and dislocated joints, that is to say they are known to provide lasting solutions to such problems as well. More often than not, people
have joint dislocations and muscle cramps, so there is great relevance for massage therapy centres around.

If you’d like to start a massage therapy in Nigeria or anywhere outside Nigeria,here are a few procedures
you should follow.

1… Master The art of Massage
You can learn local massage, the basic and ethics would be great to know. Massage doesn’t take much time and effort, it’s a soft work. Learn about massage ointments and balms. Learn about how to address a
joint dislocation, also learn about ways to attain quick recovery with massage therapy for broken bones. In a nutshell, it’s all about being therapeutic. Very possibly, you’d be running your firm alone for a while before you get or recruit assistance, you’d need to be able to give the very best to your patients before they can be convinced to refer more ailing ones.

2… Locate a good position in town
Best place to situate a massage therapy is in town,  a very busy environment. More especially where there’s heavy foot traffic because these are likely
areas where your services would be relevant and needed. With respects to a good place, you’ll need a complementary card as well which should reveal your profession to any holder as well as give them precise direction to locating you. Ensure to include complete directions of your place of establishment on your complementary card, most cities in Nigeria do not have well distinguished addresses.

3… Buy good equipments
Yes, a clinical massage therapy is more like an orthodox clinic, the only clear difference is that one is specialized on Massage while the other is specialized on medicinal treatments and medication. However, they both need equipments. One very essential massage therapy equipment which many massage therapists do have at their place is the “Acupuncture Machineries”. Yes it’s a somewhat fundamental aspect, it assists the therapy of massage in a way you’ll find out later. Good and very smooth massage beds are also necessary to own as they afford comfortability and maximum relaxation to patients while being treated or worked on. Include blood pressure checkers.

4… Hire a specialist
So in case you’re not a professional yet or you sense the work might be quite difficult for you as a beginner, make plans to hire a specialist to work for you while you learn the best from him or her. Female therapists offer best comfort and are the best with soothing effects for patients as they’re always patient and generally soft-handed so most people prefer them. But here isn’t a case of gender discrimination, any good expert therapist would do. Their expertise
and experience is necessary to the growth of your business.

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