How to start publishing medical magazines and journals

Medicine is one of the most interesting field of professional occupations. Becoming a certified medical practitioner takes more time than becoming a certified accountant. However, they’re both enviable fields.
If you’re an ardent medical practitioner or you have a fling and good knowledge of Medicine or Medical business, you’d be making a whole lot of fortune if you should eventually venture into the publishing and sales of medical related materials like magazines and journals.
Nonetheless, you do not need to be a certified medical practitioner or obtain a Degree in Medicine for you to be a good writer and publisher. No, not at all. Little skill is required, what’s more? The internet is there to give you maximum support.

If you’d like to publish medical magazines and journals in a bid to assist the community and also earn good living from this engagement, here’s how to go about it.

1… Choose a Branch of Medicine to discuss
This is what to do first, choosing a category. However, you may have a lot of preferences and you can actually blend them to create your stuffs. But then, your topics need to be precise and straight to the point. Best practice is to publish in series so that readers can always look up to the next episode or volume of your articles. That way, you can easily maintain active readers as well as attract new ones.

2… Gather ample facts
Research is the principle here. Mental effort is required. Extend your horizon, consult textbooks and medical experts to obtain up to date ideas on current health matters. Allow yourself to be taught. Remember, you do not know how far your magazines and journals would go and for sure, health articles travel extensively. So be best prepared to give out quality and faultless stuffs if you would escape critical attention from critics.

3… Improve on your writing skills
Learn to write professionally. You could consult a few other existing prototypes to observe how words are arranged, how clauses and phrases are being used as well as how simplicity is employed to make your articles understandable by even a layman. Also, paragraphing is very important to carefully note and observe in order not to make your articles appear scanty or rather jam-packed. There should be moderation.

4… Acquire good knowledge of Microsoft Publisher
To make your article writing much more easier and editing more comfortable, writing is best done electronically via the use of a computer. It’s the computer age and do not be surprised computers are doing most of the jobs now. They’re quicker and safer than having to write with pen and paper. However, for this task all you need to be acquainted very much with is Microsoft Publisher and Word. These two tools are perfect for these jobs as they afford you the convenience to write, edit, animate and add effects to your stuffs easily.

5… Find a good printing press and negotiate printing charges
Finally, your article is ready from your end. You may have to consult a few professional editors to crosscheck your work for any hidden or obvious errors, be it grammatical, contextual or typographic so they can be corrected before you begin practical publishing. After your work has been certified OK, locate a few good printing presses around or close to you and negotiate printing charges. Remember to settle with the mean charge as its always better than the cheapest.

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