How to start selling medical or fitness equipments


I understand you would like to start dealing on medical equipments and fitness equipments, perhaps you found a good supplier from Europe who would be your source and now you’re left thinking how you can possibly commence and thrive.

This is the prime reason of this article, to give you a step by step guideline on how to go about starting a medical or fitness equipments business in Nigeria or anywhere around the world

For the obvious need people generally have for staying fit, a couple fitness centers are coming up nationwide and people are really embracing the idea of working out once in a while to burn off calories and excess fat to stay fit. On the same vein, clinics are private hospitals who have private owners and sometimes they do not have enough facilities as hospitals do and this is because of the high cost of such facilities which still makes it right to state that Hospitals remain the best place to be for receiving medical treatment and attention.

Here are a few guidelines you might find helpful.

1… Latest Gadgets are best Market

Because there are already existing fitness centers around you, logically most already have the regular dumbbells, they also probably have the race walks, biceps trainers and the likes, dealing on similar types wouldn’t be a bad idea but then, dealing on the latest types of such gadgets or entirely new and different systems of modified designs would be best-selling because these centres would see a need to upgrade their current equipments lest they would loose clients. You could check online for development on structure and type and order for these types or find where to buy them locally to resell as stock. When people know you always have stock of the latest trends, you’d definitely be topping the charts and you wouldn’t have problems with competition.

2… You need a store
A store is what you need. A place where people can locate you to see items for themselves and make their choices. It may not be necessary to locate an area dominated by hospitals and clinics or fitness centers so you can get stuck in between, in fact it wouldn’t even be possible because such areas don’t exist, clinics and hospitals are located randomly and fitness centers are even much more dispersed. All you need is a relatively secured place and sizable enough to accomodate your goods because even if you intend to deal on “order and deliveries”, that is buying and delivering, it may not be possible to get regular orders to attend to neither will you be making enough sales but a store affords you the comfort to relax and sell your goods to avoid selling them in a haste and loosing profit, it also guarantees you regular patronage.

3…Pitch facilities to clinics
It would be a wise decision to directly approach existing clinics and hospitals in and around you before your equipments arrive town, perhaps taking photo samples with you and pitching them to buy the new and yet-to-arrive products or even place orders. But then, this is where you’ll have to do much more work on convincing them as to why they should buy these facilities and what makes it different from what they already have. Pitching to these clinics is a good way of selling off your medical facilities very quick and easy because they always have need for such items. Hospitals pay even more better than clinics though but it even gets more interesting selling to clinics if your price is affordable and quite below what it’s sold in the open market because already they have the excuse that they can’t afford the funds for purchasing such facilities from the market or to directly import them so you should be coming with a better solution.

4…Pitch facilities to Fitness centres
Pitching to Fitness centers around you is also another good way of starting a fitness equipment business in Nigeria. You can liaise with a couple fitness centers around to be their maintenance man, fixing their equipments when it gets bad and taking on the contract if you really have such skills already. This makes it easier for them to buy any equipment you would recommend or present to them In future, it doesn’t take long to establish the needed relationship. Your maintenance check would reveal when certain equipments need replacement to avoid causing injury to users. With this strategy in line, when you have about 10 different centres to work with this way, you’d be making good sales all year round because you would always have something to sell to them.

5… Link with Related dealers
Now this is about people in your category, dealers who also sell or are already into dealing with these equipments before you, you could contact a responsive few of them and tell them about your plans to commence dealership and ask for a few guidelines on how to start and what things to put in place, also you should work on cordiality with them. This makes it possible for you to also be able to make sales through them should in case their buyers or customers comes to make a purchase and they do not have stock while you have, Good ones would refer them to purchase from you but again this depends on how cordial you get with them. So link up with as many of them as you could, it would certainly be beneficial.


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