How to start transport business in Nigeria

How to run a transport system business in Nigeria

Transportation is one basic necessity that has been existing long before civilization. People need to move from one place to another as well as transport goods and services to different parts of habitation. For this reason, there is and there would always be a large financial reward for people who provide transportation facilities in the country and anywhere in the world and logically this becomes even more interesting and financially beneficial to the providers if their provision is one of comfortability and affordability.
In Nigeria, transportation is one of the high profit-yielding businesses and this can be seen in the light of why there are so many citizens and business gurus who are activel into road transport as well as very popular transportation companies doing very well as multi-millionaires because they earn millions of Naira on a daily basis from their transportation business.
One good thing about transportation business in Nigeria is that it is very possible to start small and end real big with the right tactics and strategies put in place.
Let’s discuss a few of these transportation companies in Nigeria and see what and how we can learn from their success stories, method of operation and managerial arrangements.
Chisco is one of the Nigerian transport companies that has extended its prowess to other African countries like Ghana. Their park is serene, peaceful and calm. their fees are relatively affordable. Chisco is an old name because i started using chisco when i was still about 13 and am quite certain its been existing before my first boarding. Chisco makes millions of naira on a daily basis.
G. AGOFURE is a politician if am not mistaken, he has access to government funds. Anyways, this company is well organised and structured, they don’t overspeed though they’re quite expensive in their conveyance charges as compared to other companies. It is estimated that AGOFURE MOTORS make over 9 Million Naira every damn day!
There are a host of other transportation companies but these are a few of the known international ones and they run with large luxurious buses though.
Now, would you like to run a transportation business in Nigeria? Perhaps start with  small capital and see yourself making relatively huge returns in less than 2 years? let’s discuss how!
Yes, since your capital is small, you may not be able to afford even one of these large ones.  A strong, neat fairly used bus, AC-fitted could cost you between 1.9 Million Naira to 2.6 Million Naira. This type would be very much good enough to transport between Lagos to East on a daily basis. Since Nigerian customers have this trait of always gauging quality of service via appearance, a very neat one would be necessary.
If you intend to run private but not as a registered individual company, then you must be attached to a Transport Union, else you cannot use your vehicle for such business, you’ll be harrased ceaselessly or worse be prosecuted. So find a good union and get registered with.
if you do not have any pre-engagements, it is best practice you man your vehicle yourself, not only does this aid mainatenace and usage, it also maximizes profit and returns because most of such drivers aren’t very honest. But then if you can’t cope with the stress of driving yourself, then You’ll need an experienced driver who is very conversant with the road and professional with steering. If you plan carefully, you could even buy your next bus in less than seven months because on the average, a 14-seater bus running from Lagos to Aba charges about 2700 Naira, which is about 37,800 for one trip of full load. Assuming you spend N17,800 for fueling and other expenses, you’re still making N20, 000 every single day. in 30 days, you have made not less than N450,000 and in 10 moths you have a steady return of 4.5 to 5 million  with just one single bus! So yes, you can clearly see that there is real money in Transportation business!

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