How to stop act of masturbation

Masturbation is the manual stimulation of the external genitals or other sexually sensitive areas with the sole aim of orgasming personally or with someone else.

Masturbation just like smoking is a strong addiction for many. It is a habit that commences gradually and progressively gets firm hold if it’s victim which makes it very very difficult to quit the act due to the intensity of its pleasurableness.

But the problem remains that inasmuch as many people admit to willfully indulge in this conscious act, many of these victims really wish to quit masturbation. Stopping the act of masturbation is possible but not really an easy escapade.

Firstly one has to identify the possible reasons for masturbation, the battle to quit can only be successful when the “Why’s” have been answered and tackled favourably.

Below are the possible reasons why many people masturbate..

— Inferiority complex
— Unsatisfactory sexual relationships
— Consistent rejection from the opposite sex
— Loneliness
— Viewing pornography
— Inability to relate with the opposite sex
— Depression
— Being badly obsessed with someone of the opposite sex
— Restrictions
— Inability to satisfy their partners
— Not being able to establish and maintain romantic/sexual relationships.

These are possible and potential causes for masturbation, many people who engage in masturbation do so for one or more of the above stated reasons.

Now we’ve understood these basic causes of masturbation, it’s time to look into how this habit can be terminated successfully.

Firstly, you need to establish the quality of Self-control, it is superior to all other preventive measures in view of masturbation. Just like exercising, self control requires energy and will power to overcome all thoughts of self arousal.

Secondly, always sleep early especially during these days when your desire to quit masturbation is still fresh. Go to bed early, don’t just lay on your bed and think or picture imaginary obscene images, it wouldn’t help. Have an early time for sleeping and stick to it.

Thirdly, avoid viewing, watching or streaming Pornography, it is one major cause of compulsive masturbation and has been linked to one of the many causes of premature ejaculation. Viewing porn makes you want to experience what you watch and when there is no one around to pleasure you, you’ll only end up resorting to masturbation to ease the tension.

Fourthly, make love with your partner regularly or more often than not as long as you both feel comfortable and okay about it, channel most of those times you spend on masturbation to making him or her feel better and improve your sexual relationship.

Fifthly, think about settling down. If you’re an adult, living comfortably and old enough, consider getting married, discuss your problem with your wife and find solutions together. The best way she can help you is by being at home and ready for you all the time Lol. And if the victim of masturbation is the lady, same is applicable, discuss your problem with your husband, some considerate men will understand and you’ll seek solutions together, follow him to do shower and spend more time together in the house. The more time you spend together makes your thoughts get dominated by your presence and instead of thinking masturbation, you’ll think of how to keep each other satisfied and happy.

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