It is good that we first know the meaning of study before delving into how to study effectively,study means to gain knowledge of something by reading books,experiment etc. It is also the devotion of time and thought to getting knowledge especially from books.
         With the above definition,it means that ‘HOW TO STUDY’ is the problem with most students because one can even at times devote much time and thought towards getting knowledge and eventually fail to get any when one should, this is because many students don’t know how to study.
         One can be going to school daily without studying,this accounts for why many students fail in their examinations after attending school for so many years.The knowledge that should have helped them to pass very well is not gained they don’t study effectively,One then wonders how such student can gain the knowledge to enable them pass their examinations well as to contribute meaningfully to the development of their respective communities in particular and the country in general?
         One must be interested in one’s studies because it helps to increase one’s retentive power,one must have a goal and know why one is in school, You will always do well in whatever you are interested in(your subject inclusive).
          After a teacher has taught you,it is your duty on getting home to study privately the things you were taught at its freshness to avoid losing the gist of the subject the teacher taught,this helps to stamp in your memory the things you were taught even when you are not taught very well,serious private studies can always help you meet up with the standard you are expected to attain,let it be known to you dont if you don’t sit down to study on your own, you cannot achieve your aim in a subject or course.The duty of any teacher is to light you like a candle for you to burn,no teacher can teach you everything you must help yourself as the teacher helps you.
        You should always endeavour to be present in the class and also be active when the lesson is going on,as you listen attentively jot down important points and ask useful questions for clarity.You cannot understand all the things the teacher says as he teaches no matter how brilliant or intelligent you are,’So ask your questions to be cleared and when it is clear to you,you cannot easily forget it and this makes for easy recalls.
       It is very essential to buy the necessary textbooks,some student use the money meant for textbooks to buy such things like very costly shoes,dresses,watches etc of what use is it to you when you dress like a governor,president,musician or a celebrity when you are nothing yet?There is time for everything,some buy key points in place of textbooks key points are not textbooks they can however help a little during time of revision after you must have studied extensively with your textbooks,key points make your studies and learning stunted,buying of textbooks is a most for every student.
       As you study with your textbooks,note important points the things that are necessary make concise notes in making your notes,don’t just copy everything down from the textbook summarise what you have understood if possible in your own sentences.The notes you make for yourself,if well made are always easier for you to understand and this make your revisions fast during examinations.
       As you study your class notes,underline the vital points and make summaries by the side of your notes put down the points that will always help you to understand and recall at a glance the things contained in the wide note,these are the things you read when the examination is at doorstep.
    As you study,also practice because practice makes perfect,they are always many things to practise e.g drawings as in Biology,solving mathematical problems,writing essays,using your jotters and trying to recall the thing in various subjects mere reading and going away doesn’t give full study practising the things you read is an important aspect of your study.
     Don’t be deceiving yourself thinking that you are studying when you listening to news or a piece of good music,jokes,watching television or video,Our people rightly say that ears are two but don’t hear different things at the same time this is to say that study time must always be properly observed,there should be no divided attention,no distraction.Your parents or sponsors don’t send you to school to make money for them while still in school,they expect you to firstly pass your examinations very well and be responsible. So,you should study aggressively and widely,study with your total you,your whole mind.
    Always remember ‘The Root Of Education Is Bitter But The Fruit Is Sweet’.
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