If Your Husband Is Good In Bed, Thank God And Keep It To Yourself

Stella Damasus

You may agree with what Stella Damasus is saying about women who give too much information about their sex life and the effects of giving such information especially to enemies who disguise as friends

In a new video she uploaded for “Stella Damasus Diaries” (Episode 17), the Nollywood actress talks about the negative effect of discussing one’s sexual life with close friends.

Stella said,

There are some things you cannot discuss as regards your marriage. If you are a married man or woman, no matter how close anybody is to you; even if you have a best friend that is extremely close to you, please I beg of you, keep your bedroom affairs to yourself.

Every woman wants to be satisfied, so if your husband is satisfying you sexually, just say thank God, keep it to yourself and smile and be happy.

Watch the full video about her take on sex and marriage below:


Via: Stella Damasus

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