India and Pakistani journalist who called police to investigate the murder, interrogate hours, who is a journalist? You will be surprised to know too much

New Delhi (IANS) to be connected with two years ago, Indian politician and former diplomat Shashi Tharoor’s wife Sunanda Pushkar’s mysterious death incident with Pakistani journalist Mehr there was a big ruckus in the media Tarar this event efforts caused a stir in Pakistan. The violence was apparently sit around the Times of India recently sealed Tarar claimed that India was a five-star hotel in Delhi where police interrogated him for three hours. The newspaper said the investigation was kept secret and reporting across India sources said the issue kbrthy are only a few people.
According to the newspaper were asked by the Delhi Police mhrtarr to cooperate in the investigation, which was sent on written request in December last year. Reports mhrtarr agreed to support two or three months ago, came to India for this purpose.
Sunanda Pushkar’s death was in January 2014. The Shashi Tharoor Union appointed minister, while the yield of the reports in the media that Sunanda Pushkar’s death sealed their social media a day earlier had a fight with Tarar, which seal Tarar and Shashi Tharoor among the alleged links were identified.
Indian journalist indigofera Singh also claimed that Sunanda Pushkar and Shashi Tharoor told them that sealed were married after 2014 Lok Sabha elections Tarar. The seal Tarar had already denied having any kind of Sunanda Pushkar’s death. They had no obligation to join the investigation of police saying they had at the beginning of this case that they will cooperate in the investigation.

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