India files fraud case against Salman Khan

MUMBAI: Bollywood star Salman Khan has been summoned by Indian police in a fraud case. According to Indian media reports, Salman Khan has been summoned by the police from Chandigarh, including seven people associated with the charity ‘Human Bang’, in a case of alleged fraud. A case has been registered alleging fraud.

He was asked by two officials of Human Bang to open a franchise in Chandigarh. According to Indian media reports, an investment of Rs 20 million was to be made while pressure was exerted by the officials to open a Salman Khan showroom. However, he did not receive any goods after opening the showroom. Arun Gupta said that last year he and Salman Khan had a meeting on behalf of the charity officials in which Salman Khan Nias promised to solve the problem. But after a year and a half, no goods could be received. According to police, Salman Khan and others have been asked to submit their reply by July 13.

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