Infertility is not incurable

An estimated 80 million people worldwide suffer from infertility. A woman with primary or secondary infertility has twice as many psychiatric illnesses as any mother. Men are constantly facing a lot of stress and psychological problems. Many people suffering from infertility, especially women, are fed up with people’s questions and prefer to be alone, which leads to more stress.
Research has shown that in societies like the United States, infertility sufferers are becoming the most neglected minority.
According to a WHO report, many infertile women in developing countries commit suicide because they cannot cope with psychological problems.

There is also ample evidence that women have not had children in the first two and a half years of marriage.

Their family life has been severely affected. Many women suffering from infertility have also suffered from mental tension. The following are the symptoms that are more common in men and women suffering from depression.
Loss Of Interest Loss of interest.
Sleep disorders
Loss of appetite
Weight change.
Feeling weak or weak.
Inattention, absent-mindedness, scattering of thoughts.

Thought Of Guilt Blaming yourself all the time.
Boredom with life.
Thinking about suicide.
In Pakistan, as in many other countries in South Asia, women are considered to be the first responsible for having children. In societies, having children, especially having a son, is considered to be the most important means of strengthening a marital relationship.
Couples often want to have a son for family reasons, business and strong household finances. In many places, not having a son puts psychological and social pressure on a woman, even from a man or her. The family is threatening to remarry.
But is it only the woman or the man who is responsible for having a child or a son?
A man’s second marriage is not the solution to the problem of having children because if the man is infertile, no matter how many marriages he has, he cannot have children. However, psychological problems will increase for the families. If children are not being born, the couple should have their own medical examination. Men in particular should not feel ashamed of their medical examination.
Doctors and sages as well as women’s rights associations and NGOs should run awareness programs on the introduction and causes of infertility. Such awareness campaigns for people living in rural areas. It is very important. When should the affected couple go to the doctor:

  1. Usually 85% of couples achieve their goal within a year.
    If a couple fails to achieve the goal of having children even after one year, they should consult a doctor.
  2. If a woman is more than thirty-five years of age at the time of marriage and has not become pregnant after one year of marriage, she should consult her doctor without delay.
  3. Both spouses should go to the doctor.
    Get in the habit of being happy with each other in your daily routine as too much stress also hinders the fertilization process.
    Before treating infertility, it is important to know the causes of infertility. According to a survey, one in 10 couples worldwide suffers from infertility, meaning that many people have difficulty with this natural process. Face to face Many young people are overweight due to their lifestyle, excessive consumption of fast food and abundance of soft drinks.
    Reproductive health can also be affected by dietary imbalances, chemical-laden foods, environmental pollution, excessive electromagnetic waves, etc. Reproductive capacity can also be reduced in men who marry late. The quality of is declining.
    Treatment of male or female infertility:
    Married couples can achieve the happiness of children even by removing some common defects.
    A couple suffering from secondary or infertility have two daughters. They are five and seven years old respectively but now they were not succeeding in having more children. The woman said that we want more children but not success. I suggested a few lab tests. There were a few minor flaws in the tests. For them, I wrote a simple prescription along with diet and caution. It was done after about two months of treatment. Pregnancy report is positive. Alhamdulillah. The purpose of citing this case is to show that many couples have some minor problems but due to not getting proper treatment, such couples fail to achieve their goal.

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