Insane Exotic Pets You Can Own Legally

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We are pretty sure all of you, at some point in your life, wanted to have an exotic animal as your pet. What is it with us humans that makes us wish to control wildlife? There are numerous examples of people having wild, exotic animals as pets as well as numerous examples of those same pets going out of control.

Source: Animalist

We believe it all started with celebrities who tried to live through their mid-life crisis by buying themselves exotic, wild animals as pets. Celebrities such as Michael Jackson (he had a chimp named Bubbles), Justin Bieber (we all still remember the affair this prick had with the German Government over his pet Capuchin monkey, which he, in the end, abandoned), Nicolas Cage (he has a giant octopus… perhaps he lacks the vitamin P**** in his life), Leonardo DiCaprio (he has a gigantic tortoise, because why the f*ck not) and many others have exotic pets.

Soooooooo, having a wild animal as a pet is normal nowadays?! Nope, we don’t think so. . What if those animals go berserk? What if they manage to escape their captivity?
Back in 2007, Toronto residents were in a real panic after a 6 foot long cobra escaped its enclosure and casually roamed around the block. 3 years later, owner of a Siberian Tiger was mauled by his dear big cat. . . What do you guys think about that?

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