Iris: The Fastest Web Framework to Develop in GO Language

In recent days I have seen a lot of applications developed using the GO Language, which is why it is important to make known a Web Framework known as Iris that will surely help us to make web applications faster and more efficiently.

What is GO Language?

Go is a programming language developed by Google, takes as its basis or inspiration the C language, is characterized by being an object oriented programming language, concurrent, structured, imperative and compiled. The use of GO Language has been increased in recent times and is already compatible with most operating systems especially in those derived from the linux kernel.

The Go Language also integrates many dynamic language features where Python excels, something that many miss from this language is the lack of exceptions.

What is the Web Iris Framework?

The Iris Web Framework  is considered the fastest Web Framework to develop in Language GO, it is a very complete IDE that has a series of functionalities that allow us to develop applications in a faster and more organized way using GO Language.


Iris Web Framework Features

  • It is focused on the high performance
  • IDE online: You can edit and compile the client side, in case of not being able to directly access thanks to the pluEdita and compiles the client-side code when not at home through the plugin-editor.
  • It has a robust routing support
  • has a series of template that we can use for our projects
  • Pose a WebSocket API highly scalable with custom events
  • support sessions with GC, memory and Redis providers
  • Has Middleware and easy-to-use plug-ins
  • Full REST API
  • Customizer
  • Typescript Compiler Errors HTTP browser-based editor
  • has content negotiation and continuous flow
  • has Transport Layer Security (Transport Layer Security)
  • Allows you to recharge the changes in the source code
  • support for OAuth, OAuth2 API 27 and more.
  • JSON Web Tokens
    and many other features.

How to install the Iris Web Framework

The only requirement you need to install the Iris Web Framework is the GO Programming Language for them we must perform the following instructions:
sudo tar -C /usr/local -xzf go1.6.3.linux-amd64.tar.gz
export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/go/bin

To clone the repository of the Iris Web Framework
git clone

Book on the Web Iris Framework

You can access a complete guide on using the Iris Web Framework here

Iris Web Framework Performance

The Iris Web Framework development team often upload performance testing of their tool, this test set aims to compare all HTTP request processing across all Go Web Framework. In the graph at the top you can see a reality that is what characterizes the Web Iris Framework, is without a doubt the fastest Web Framework to develop in GO Language.

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