It works constantly earns Rs 5 crore a year a simple task, such as 25-year-old Internet? John will be hard to believe for

LONDON (K) is using any social media today, although most people spent time and understand the pretext of entertainment, but some special people who have millions making at home while wise use of social media . Twenty-five-year-old Chris sancz even earn one such example, which runs @uberfacts Twitter account on the website, through which they simply share interesting information and statistics and the annual $ 5 million (Rs 5 crore).
The website reports sancz MSN has reached its first tweet in 2009 and increased their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram followers number over a million to 80 million over the last 7 years. We sancz recently published content on their websites CNBC Talking that those who work with pblsrzky information on their Twitter and Facebook pages and on their websites because it is paid in terms of the number of internet users.
He sometimes even direct advertising for new products and films, but their income depends largely on the Internet users to third-party websites to their accounts via his Twitter account. Sancz Twitter account at the popular social media accounts is one of the 150 most popular websites.
Sancz said he did not know that the money they earn from twitter. But when the account began to be a popular “Uncle,” said the company contacted them and teach them how to change the number of their followers in the money. They say that Instagram, and Snap Chat with Twitter is also a great source of income.
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