Jewish actress’s film released in Saudi Arabia, banned in Kuwait and Lebanon

Kuwait City – While several Arab countries have banned the film “Death on the Nail” by the American Jewish actress Gal Gadot, who served in the Israeli army, it has been banned in Saudi Arabia. According to Arab News, other Arab countries, including Lebanon and Kuwait, have banned the film.

According to the report, Gal Gadot’s film “Death on the Nile”, which has ties to Iran and continues to oppose Israel, has been banned in these Arab countries. However, unlike other Arab countries, Saudi Arabia The movie was presented in and people are flocking to the cinemas to watch the movie of the Jewish actress.

While “Death on the Nail” was presented in Saudi Arabia, it was also presented in Pakistan while it is also being screened in other countries of the world.

The film set a new record for first day earnings and surpassed many other films in first day earnings during the epidemic. The story of ‘Death on the Nile’ revolves around suspense and thriller, but Has banned his film in the past for supporting Israeli aggression and denouncing the Islamic organization Hamas as a terrorist organization.

Gaddafi backed Israeli aggression and the military in 2014, while opposing Hamas, calling it a terrorist organization. Gal Gadot’s other films, including Wonder Woman, have been banned in several Arab countries before, including Kuwait and Lebanon. Support has been criticized.
Gal Gadot was elected Miss Israel in 2004, after which she initially began modeling and then acting. Under Israeli law, she, like other Jewish women, spent some time in the Israeli army. Have served until and are considered strict Jews.

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