Kangana Ranaut makes special appeal to Indian PM, people take actress in stride on social media

According to media reports, Kangana Ranaut yesterday requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Twitter to ban gatherings (Iftar parties) in Ramadan.

However, Kangana deleted the tweet after criticism on social media. But the screenshot of the tweet went viral. It should be noted that Kangana Ranaut has been the target of public criticism over controversial statements in the past. When protests erupted across India over the introduction of cruel agricultural laws by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Kangana, out of habit, started speaking out against the farmers’ protests, which drew a strong public backlash. Utterances had to be taken on the statements.

The extremist thinking of Hindus living in India can be easily gauged from this tweet of Kangana Ranaut that if the prejudice of a woman living in a limelight is so terrible against Muslims then other illiterate What would the Hindus think. However, given the kind of kinship Kangana Ranaut herself has faced, Kangana should have avoided such tweets.
But in spite of all this, he considered it necessary to criticize the great festival of Muslims and then after severe criticism on it, he had to take the uterus. Should take the nails of those who keep advising Pakistan to have better relations with India and to be lenient on Kashmir policy.

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