Kareena Kapoor’s Gym Trainer Reveals The Secret Behind The Actress’ Post-Baby Perfectly Toned Body

Kareena Kapoor Khan has been the perfect inspiration when it comes to getting a perfect body and that too post a childbirth. The actress not only managed to lose weight after giving birth to her doting son, Taimur Ali Khan in December 2016 but is looking killer in shape. But the surprising and also the good news is that she did it without any crash diet.

Instead of going on a diet, the actress chose the logical way- exercising, which in all way is good for health. It is working with the celebrity trainer Namrata Purohit for over a year, that has transformed Kareena’s body into shape. Namrata has been looking after Bebo’s fitness and also her diet and lifestyle. And what can be better than the Pilates and all-around fitness expert sharing the actress’ gym routine herself on her Instagram account?

Yes, you can follow Kareena’s regime on Namrata Purohit’s Instagram account, who also trains actor like Sonakshi Sinha and Varun Dhawan. According to Purohit, Kareena’s routine includes full body workouts with the Cadillac, ladder barrels and the jump board.

Purohit says,”The Reformer is her (Kareena’s) favourite thing in the world. Since there is potential for 500-600 different exercises on the machine, we are constantly experimenting and trying different footwork and challenges to keep things interesting. When she is travelling, she actually tells me that she’s missing the class and has a craving for the Reformer.”

She further adds, “She walks into sessions all pumped up and announces, ‘Okay Namrata, kill me.’ The best thing about working out with her is that she gives it her all. Sometimes, I catch her looking at me with a ‘Why are you doing this to me’ face, but I know, and she knows, that she loves doing this. She is always game for trying new things and has the most fun with new exercises.”

So guys, go check out Namrata’s Instagram account to get a killer looking body like Kareena’s.

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