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In summer, when the heat of the sun begins to dampen the face of women, most of the women resort to the expensive creams available in the market to brighten the complexion. Let’s make different masks for the protection and attractiveness of the skin in summer. Use simple and low cost techniques.
Honey and lemon mask
Mix a few drops of lemon juice in a tablespoon of honey.
Apply this mask on face for a few minutes. Wash face when dry.
Turmeric and milk mask
Mix a little milk in turmeric powder and leave this mask on the face for a few minutes and then wash your face with cold water.
Basin, yogurt and lemon mask
A mask made from basin, yogurt and lemon has beneficial results.

Make a paste with a little basin, yogurt, a few drops of lemon juice and apply it on the face. When the paste is dry, wash your face with cold water.
Egg mask
To make dry skin soft and smooth, mix one lemon juice with one egg white and mix it well. After applying this paste on the face for fifteen minutes, wash it off with fresh water.

To clear the complexion
Finely grind a handful of almond kernels. Add pure milk and basin as required and prepare it. Wash your face thoroughly and apply it on your face. In a few days, the complexion will be clear and your face will be warm. And there will be no effect of heat. Take one part milk, mix three parts water and freeze in the form of cubes.
Now wrap a cube in a muslin cloth and rub it on your face. This will not only give a feeling of coolness but will also remove the ink created by the heat.
Why do shadows appear on the face?
Facial shadows appear due to lack of vitamin B and iron. They can be treated. With a little attention they can be removed.
Fruits and milk are good for them. Excessive use of water is not only important for health but also important for keeping the face fresh. Mix a lemon juice in a glass of lukewarm water before breakfast in the morning and drink it to get rid of shadows on the face. The complexion brightens and the stomach works well. Soak fennel in warm water overnight. Use with honey.
The shadows on the face will disappear.
A common question is why do shadows appear? If proper care is not taken of the face, a thin layer of dirt gets stuck on the skin. As a result of which the skin dies and loses its attractiveness and the face becomes rough and causes shadows. Take special care of skin cleansing to prevent freckles. Massage the cleansing country on the face and clean it with cotton. Ϋ”
Its use makes the skin clear. In addition, turmeric, lemon and apricot juice are also useful. Apricot has antiseptic action on the skin. It makes the skin clear and transparent. In addition, turmeric and lemons are also useful.
Finely grind a tablespoon of radish seeds and mix it with yogurt. Apply the mask. It is useful for the freshness of the face and the shadows.
Weigh and grind lentils, egg shells and dried malt peels. Mix this mixture with a little water and make a paste and apply it on the face. It is beneficial. Soak lentils in milk for one or two days. When it is dry, grind the lentils and apply it like Abton. It is useful for the shadows. Aromatherapy facial is also said to be useful for skin radiance and freshness.
Let’s find out what aromatherapy is and how it can be done at home.
Aromatherapy facials
Benefits of oils on the skin: Aromatherapy uses a lot of aromatic oils, oils should be selected according to the skin so that skin problems such as acne, acne or rashes can be useful.
Skin cleansing: This therapy begins with steaming.

Remove Dead Skin: During facial, the skin is exfoliated, it removes dead skin from the body and the skin becomes soft, smooth and shiny.
Relaxation: If the body is a bit tired, then Aromatherapy Facial gives peace of mind to the room and the mind. Aromatic oils and fragrant products can help to relax and relax, as well as relieve fatigue.

Can be done easily at home: This facial can also be done at home using perfumed oil according to the skin.
How To Aromatherapy Facial At Home: If your skin is oily, lemon oil, tea tree oil, lemon grass oil and orange oil will be good. If your skin is blocked, Jasmine, Rose or Seed Load will be good. For normal skin, lavender or chamomile will be good.
Neural oil or vector oil is fine if the skin is sensitive.
Facial Method
First turn off the room lights, mix olive oil and tea tree oil with aloe vera gel on the face and apply it on the face like soap and wash, steam the face with water, add a few drops of aromatic oil in the water. Massage the face by adding two drops of fragrant oil in the massage cream.
After massaging, wipe the cream with a damp cloth. Make a basic face pack, add yogurt, honey and sandal powder. Add a few drops of tea tree oil, wash the face pack after a few minutes. Then apply homemade toner on the face. The way to make toner is to mix chamomile oil and geranium oil in the toner if the skin is blocked. If the skin is oily then apply four drops of tea tree oil and six drops of lavender oil. Mix the drops in distilled water.

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