Keep the skin fresh in summer – skin protection

In summer, the freshness on the face disappears. In summer, the heat of the sun not only burns the skin but also turns the color black. This is because the sun’s rays fall directly on the skin. The very thin capillaries of the skin are broken due to the heat of the sun, which makes the skin lifeless and dull, so it is very important to protect the skin in summer. ۔

First of all, wash your face at least three or four times to avoid heat. When you go out of the house, try to use an umbrella.
Use classes and sunblock.
Makeup products usually last up to a year.

Therefore, when buying, be sure to note the date and period of the products.
Place a thick cloth on the head in such a way that the face is protected from direct sunlight. If not a hijab or scarf, use a light color or white.

Precautions for sunburned skin
Dip cotton wool in grape juice and apply on face. Continue this process till you start feeling cool on your face.
Apply ice to face with a soft, clean cloth.
Apply cold water repeatedly on the face until a feeling of coolness and calm prevails. Also, you should know if your skin is oily, dry or normal.

Smooth skin
The forehead of women with oily skin is usually a little bit oily, etc. In summer, they face more problems. Oily skin women suffer from pimples on the face and nail acne. A clay mask is best. Boiling and cooling neem leaves and washing your face can reduce acne.
A banana mask is also great for their skin.
Dry skin
The skin of women with dry skin becomes normal in summer and hard in winter. Blemishes and shadows start appearing. For these women, if honey, olive oil and rose water are mixed together, the beauty of the skin is maintained. For dry skin. Use Cleanse Facewash.
Normal skin
You don’t have to work hard for this type of oily skin.
However, it also needs attention so that its beauty can be maintained. Use rose liqueur on the face. In addition, mix dry milk and a few drops of rose liqueur in a home remedy and apply it on the face and neck. It will look fresh.

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