Kim Kardashian Addicted To Selfies In New Sexy Pub

Kim Kardashian addicted to selfies an excerpt from advertising a US mobile operator in which Kim Kardashian turned was unveiled last night. The star of the reality it appears plump for clashing itself!

Kim Kardashian addicted to selfies is a fan of herself and second degree! Addicted to both its image and social networks, the star of reality TV US has unveiled the cover of her new book, which will bring together all Selfie . But now, Kim Kardashian knows it arouses negative comments and prefers to laugh. This Monday, January 26, she has announced that she had shot a commercial for the US phone company T-Mobile.

Kim Kardashian Addicted To Selfies Laughed In New Sexy Pub!

Pending the full release of the spot in the final of the Super Bowl 1 st February, an extract has been unveiled.Kim Kardashian Addicted To Selfies In New Sexy Pub!-


Amid sad music, seems Kim Kardashian, ultra serious TV presenter mode. She says it happens a tragic thing every month data unused mobile phones are deleted. ” It’s tragic , “she added in a tone more solemn. He added: ” But you’ve paid for to use and you could see me wear makeup me, admire my backhand, my outfits, my holiday and my outfits … Unfortunately, all is lost.

Kim Kardashian Addicted To Selfies In New Sexy Pub!-02

Parallel to his litany completely second degree, which she made herself look like a superficial girl repeating appear images of Kim Kardashian before her mirror, skiing on a tennis court or full fitting. One way to tackle with humor those who criticize it all day long!

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Kim Kardashian addicted to selfies Sexy in the pub, the wife of Kanye West has also decided to stay on in real life. This Monday, January 26 she was seen at the output of a Los Angeles restaurant with a new pest neckline. Molded chest in a brown leather bodice and nipples that point, the star of 34 years has definitely not said its last word!

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