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Kohat Team Led By A Female AC Gul Bano Is Clearing Decades Old Illegal Encroachment

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پشاور سے تعلق رکھنے والی یہ خاتون کون ؟
اور یہ رات کے اس پہر کیا کر رہیں ہیں؟ تفصیلات جانیئے ۔۔۔ 

Women Empowerment in KP ::

Its 10pm and the District Administration #Kohat team led by a female AC Gul Bano is clearing decades old illegal encroachment in different parts of Kohat including Political Bazaar and Murghi Mandi. More than 35 shops dismantled‬ and the operation is currently taking place !
In KP, women are leading as SHOs, SPs, DCs, ACs & Bomb Disposal Officers !

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