Sofia Hayat Gives A Befitting Reply To A Troller Asking Her “Booking Rate For 1 Night”

Biggies frequently stumble upon offensive and appalling trolls on the social platform.

The latest one to experience is ex Bigg Boss challenger Sofia Hayat. Sofia put out numerous posts on her personal Insta handle, sharing chitchat with a troll who raised a disgraceful query.

“Can you kindly tell me your booking rates for 1 night?” wrote the troll.

Hayat had an appropriate answer for the cringe-worthy troll.

In his answer to troll, she wrote, “First ask your mother and then your sister…then your wife…they will tell you the rates for one night.”

During the month of May, Sofia Hayat became headlines when she got divorced, and also had a miscarriage just about the same time.

The model was also in news owing to her pic, which she shared on her personal Insta handle.

Sofia Hayat claimed that the photograph got clicked after her miscarriage.

She wrote, “My body after miscarriage..I do love my beautiful body for all it has gone through..expecting a child..then losing it…then being a shape I had never been..remembering that it is this shape because of losing a baby…but I still love it..I do..because my body has done so much for me every day.”

Sofia tied the nuptial knot with her Romanian beau, Vlad Stanescu on April 24, 2017, in North Kensington, UK.

There were reports that Stanescu was an interior designer, however, Sofia cleared up the air that he wasn’t one.

Sofia had recently posted a screenshot of her online conversation with a user, who had asked if she was prepared to sleep for money. She had written, “These guys…what respect they have for their own mothers? Apparently, because I wear bikinis it means I sleep with randoms for money! Evolve please..I wonder how they learnt this? You were all born naked..then someone taught you shame and taught you that a womans body is suckled your mother’s nipples and drank her milk and yet you look at women disrespectful when she wears a bikini. Your mother was naked and you came from in between her legs..know the sacredness of a womans body and bow down to all that she do not deserve to even look upon a woman with your eyes. (sic)”

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