List of 10 best business opportunities in Abia State

Abia is a kingdom positioned within the south eastern part of Nigeria.The state is one of the satisfactory industrial nation in Nigeria and the main well-known commercia; city is Aba.
Crude oil and gasoline production is a outstanding interest as it contributes over 39% of the state’s GDP(Gross domestic product)
The Abia nation population are very lots reachable in terms of fabric,making of footwears,manufacturing of soap,plastics and pharmaceutical commercial enterprise.
Are you interested in starting any lucrative business in Aba?But still having a problem to choose the best business to give it a head start?
This post covers the best businesses in Aba that you can engage in and create yourself a profitable venture in years to come
1…Leather product(most especially footwears)
   This is the major part where the Abia state populace are specialised in for years.This the type of their highest lucrative and profitable ventures.Where they produce range of footwear items,leather belts and bags.Aba indigene are so skillful that you barely can’t spot the difference with Aba made footwear with that of Italian footwear.
   If you have what it takes in handicraft works,put this into consideration and make a living from it.
2…Oil production business.
   Abia state was regarded as the fourth largest oil producing state in Nigeria.
   Majorly the type of oil that moves the market over here in Abia state is the palm oil production, you can easily get the source of it which is palm kernel,process it and sell to those non oil producing state that are in high need of it state like Lagos,Ogun,Ibadan etc..This is a slow income stream that can bring you millions of Naira if well done.
3…Textile manufacturing business
   Aba populace find so much interest in this type of handicraft business where they make textile for different purposes such as furnishings,carpeting,flags,tents and window shades.
If you have the basics in texture you can venture into it.
4…Pharmaceutical business
   The need of good health is in high demand this days,if you are a qualified pharmacist and you have basic knowledge about drugs,why not engage in this business is one of the best moving business in Abia state and Nigeria as a whole.Watch as the huge income flows in if you follow the right protocols.
5…Soap making business
   Aba populace also specialises in soap making business.All you needd to do if you want to enage yourself in this sort of business,look for someone already in the line of business,findd out the necessary items needed and procedure in soap making.
6…Agricultural business
   If you are into local farming,this is the best opportunity you have to create a revenue channel for yourself,people see this as a minor business but it is a slow-getting rich venture.These are the agricultural products that are selling in the market like cassava,yams,plaintains,potatoes etc…
7…Clothing and fabrics designing business
   This is also a well known enterprise that is very common among the Aba populace.If you are very skillful in fashoin designing why not dive into this business opportunity and become your own boss.
8…Crude oil business
   Crude oil is one of the best huge income business in Abia state and Nigeria as a whole.All you need to do if you want to engage in this business,get in touch with those in the line of business become a supplier of crude oil to big oil refining companies.We all know the successful story behind every crude oil business person.
9..Cosmetic business
 It is also one of the raving business in Aba and Abia state.People love decent looks mostly the female so they is every tendency that cosmetic product will be of a very high demand in the market.
If you have the needful skills to make an appealing cosmetic products give it a trial.
10…Cement Business
   This enterprise is not well known in Aba but they still practiced among their indigenes.You can be a supplier of cememnt in one of the cement company like Dangote and Elephant cement.
   Get in touch with those who are into building of new houses,be a supplier and make your own money!.

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