List of 10 best states in Nigeria to setup your own business

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Nigeria is one of the best West Africa country to start up a business where they practice mixed economy system with its abundant supply of natural resources,well-developed,legal,communications,oil production,transportation and other related sectors.
‘Giant of Africa’ as they call Nigeria was ranked the number 30th in the world in terms of the economic growth in the year 2012,Nigeria is the largest trading partner with United States and China when it comes to business and entrepreneurship.
 On my previous post on the Most profitable businesses in Nigeria i talked about the highest
paying businesses in Nigeria.Maybe you are a civil servant who just received a pension or you are just an individual thinking of the best state to invest your money into, they are only 36 states in Nigeria but which of the cities has the highest income generating system and the best business opportunities,do not go to far because i have outlined those best commercial states:

This one of the best salary producing urban areas in Nigeria as of recent,Lagos is Nigeria’s monetary focal
point,80% of most budgetary and business exercises is being held principally on the Island.This is the area where the vast majority of the notable brands,institution,companies and business banks utilize this a player in Lagos as their central command.


Kano is the second biggest industrial city in Nigeria to set up a business with regards to the zone of furniture making,textile,tanning,plastics,foot
wear,ceramics.Also with regards to the part of agrarian produce like nourishment and beverages,dairy products,vegetable oil,this is one of the best city to likewise develop your business with regards to the expansive populace.


Onitsha,this where i was raised and being their for some time they have being such a variety of commercial activities significantly exchanging and other business activities,Onitsha has being known as local center point for exchange eastern part of Nigeria.It has additionally developed to end up one of the greatest focus market towns in Nigeria and its ‘Main Market’ is likewise viewed as one of the biggest markets in West Africa where billions of exchanges is being made each day.


Abuja has the best business open doors being the government capital domain does not mean you cannot get a decent business opportunities,they are also some lucrative businesses over there like Real Estate
management,construction,car dealers,hotels,canteen,restaurants and bars.This city is a standout amongst the most costly state where individuals spend alot on  and their way of life.


Port harcourt is likewise a noteworthy modern city in Nigeria as it has substantial number of industrial
concerns with regards to oil creation they have other lucrative business beside oil to take part in like boutique business,relaxation bar,hotel or visitor house,laundry administrations and eatery business too.


This city is situated in Abia state under the eastern region,Aba has the best lucrative people who spends significant time in painstaking work with regards to shoe making and leather products.It’s ‘Ariaria
International Market’is the second biggest business sector in West Africa.


Kaduna’s economy rotates around their agriculture,trade,arts&crafts and commerce.This is a noteworthy region for speculation like education consulting services,recruitment agency,wholesale sustenance stuff and offering of cell telephones and portable PCs.


Ibadan city was positioned as one of the biggest city in Africa.The city is represented considerable authority in such a large number of zones like creating cassava,timber,cocoa,cotton,rubber and palm oil.Ibadan is known as a home to a few businesses, for example, sustenance processing,health care,cosmetics,tobacco processing,furniture and cowhide work.Nigeria monetary exercises occupied with by the Ibadan in terms of
national incorporate open administration employment,factory work,agriculture and exchange.

This an oil and rural creating state you can practice yourself in any of those field.Other business that is wild among the Delta masses are transportation business,restaurant/bar and electronic deals.
Jos the capital of Level state has the most noteworthy Tourist in Nigeria because of the cold weather,is the
main city in West Africa that has the coldest weather,business you can do in Jos are tourism company,boutique business(selling of thick sweaters),coffee cafe,hotel/guest house.

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