List of The 10 Best Countries Of The World to Meet Women

List of the best countries of the world to meet women. The list has been ranked by people who have visited or lived in those countries. There are few factors that make a country more suitable for meeting women. The travel factor is on the top. If the country is more easy to visit,there are more chances to travel and meet there women.

Moreover your chance of meeting a womean is more if the odds are in your favor. Russia, Ukraine, and Latvia all have populations where the women are more in number than men. Similarly eastern European women are known to be friendly, beautiful, and intelligent. If you are trying to travel to meet girls, its better to go eastern European countries.

Australian women are also known for their beauty. They are known to be pretty and a lot of fun. If we go to other continents then Colombia and Brazil are great countries. You can find there more exotic, curvy beauties in a safe environment. United States has a number of cities where you can meet new women. New York, Chicago and New Orleans all have great bar scenes where it is easy to start up a conversation with a lovely lady.


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