List of top 5 small scale businesses in Nigeria

Have you been on the search for small scale businesses to queue into?

Would you like to know what small scale businesses are available in Nigeria?

Do you have a little savings and wish to start up a business that does not require huge capital?

This should be of interest to you then.

In Nigeria, there are so many available opportunities in form of small scale businesses. In fact small scale businesses are now speeding up on the rise with people trooping into such start ups. The economy is bad already so the need for investing in small scale businesses is rising daily as a worthy adventure. Here today, let’s highlight 5 small scale businesses that one could start up in Nigeria without too much an amount of starting capital.

Agriculture is one lucrative small scale business that has been overlooked by many perhaps due to its nature. Commercial farming yields over 100% revenue or returns as compared to it’s starting capital as long as all necessary factors are kept in place and maintained. Farm products such as onions, garbage, carrot and tomato which is the most wanted vegetable in Nigeria currently have complete relevance and are wanted in the market on a daily basis. However, for such an endeavor, viable seeds, artificial irrigation and fertilization are super important factors for best results.

Fish rearing is one other investiture that has seen many starting up small and hitting it big within a short space of time. A single GP tank or dug cemented well, properly positioned with healthy maintenance and care plus the right feeds or fish food is enough to multiply greatly your first few sets of start up fishes in less than 3 months because fishes muliti-birth. Nonetheless, patience and care is required for this business as is mandatory for every other business having to deal with livestock.

Poultry, yes poultry is popular or well known because most of us grow these birds for private use. However, commercial rearing of this birds is as lucrative as one can imagine because with proper conditions set in place, these birds can multiply over 10 times in less than 6 months. Because they lay and hatch multiple eggs, revenue is always multiplied and benefits are tripppled when deaths are kept on the minimum. A bird troop size of 50 at least is very much enough for a start up. The right feeds and at the right time would aid their growth and sustenance greatly.

Snails are of high demand in the market, about two weeks ago, I had to buy a wrap of just 10 snails N2,500. I didn’t complain because I really had no choice based on the fact that I love snails so much, this is born from my comprehension of their exceptional nutritional value. Taking a critical of snail vendors in the market, it is quite easy to notice that they hardly have left overs and this is simply because demand is high. Snail rearing is a very effective type of business because you’re sure to be doubling up what ever investment value you wish to place in it.

Pigs are highly nutritional. In some places, some claim its medicinal. Well I really do not have any scientific prove for that, but perhaps there could be though. But I’m very much convinced on how much of a liking most people have for it. Pigs do not cost much to maintain or rear. Naturally they’re dirty and can adapt to any environment, also they multi-birth, which makes it another good livestock investment. A set of male and female or of two females and a male is enough for a start up, you may just need some supplement feeds and medicines to keep them healthy and under better development.

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