Make account and Get $20 | Make 50$ Daily Without Investment

Register before July 13 and receive a bonus of $20.

LoneRobot – Cryptocurrency robot.

LoneRobot is the first fully automatic cryptocurrency buying and selling robot 24 hours a day.
LoneRobot will help you get passive income from 0.5% to 4% daily.

Register before July 13 and receive a bonus of $20


Team of experienced exchangers.

We are a team of experienced exchangers over the past 7 years.

We have always worked on a strategy, but time is changing, we have included all our strategies in one single exchange-cryptocurrency program ROBOT.
The human factor does not allow you to work 24 hours a day, unlike an automatic robot.
Every day, our team monitors the robot, makes some changes and changes to the strategy, because the market never stands still.
We easily control the robot, change some values in the program because negative or positive news can affect the cryptocurrency market.
We choose the best strategy for the robot to get daily profit, which makes ROBOT more functional and adaptive to any jumps in price growth in the cryptocurrency market.Process steps.

3 steps to make a profit.


You must be registered and agree to all the rules of the site.


You must choose the amount of interest for investment, make a deposit and choose a cryptocurrency robot and create an investment.

Receiving a profit

Every day, you will receive a profit that you can withdraw to your cryptocurrency wallet.We tested the bot on the 3 most popular crypto exchanges.

Our team tested the robot for 3 months.

Every day, the robot generates income from 0.5% to 4%.

Our site is very convenient and easy to use.

With our team you can be sure of the best service!

Your investment will immediately begin to work, and all interest will be calculated quickly and on time.

The site provides its customers with a convenient interface.

The personal account is simple and clear, the basic information about the robot on the main page.

Highest degree of protection.

We do our best to protect customer funds and guarantee 100% security of all personal information, thanks to modern data protection systems.

Storage only on cold wallets.

The robot automatically transfers most of the funds to the so-called “cold wallets”, in case of a large purchase of cryptocurrency by the bot, it immediately automatically sends funds from the cold wallet directly to the exchange and back.

Smooth operation.

There is one thing but, any robot can bring both income and loss, but our bot is configured so that it can not bring loss during the day by more than 0.5%. As soon as the robot sends us a notification that the daily income was -0.5%, our team will take the bidding in its own hands, and the bot will go into the timeout for 1 day.

High rate of return.

When testing the robot for 3 months, we only 2 times faced a loss of funds in the amount of -0.5%.

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