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Finco is the ability to earn Dollar without buying your own equipment. Finco Cash assumes all obligations for the purchase of equipment, its maintenance and sale of the mined Dollars, the investor makes a profit, it is necessary to register a personal account and select the tariff of interest. Finco Cash provides an opportunity for everyone to earn without investment through the referral program.

Miners are a necessary and very important link in the cryptocurrency chain. They take an active part in the emission (mining) of coins and maintain the system’s performance. If a couple of years ago it was possible to mine on a home PC and make a profit, now the mining process has become so complicated that even collective pools and large farms do not always pay off.

Our team saw this as a great opportunity and we started implementing a cloud mining service. The essence of the method is simple: instead of spending money on equipment, the user leases it from Finco Cash . The company organized the first cloud miner in 2019, but we did not get much popularity at that time, because ordinary users quite simply mined cryptocurrencies from their computer, or set up their own farm at home, but already in 2020 our business began to grow rapidly. Now the rental of computing power is a very popular service.

Pros of cloud mining

  • The user does not need to be technically savvy, to figure out which is more profitable to buy equipment or assemble a mining farm – our aggregator is already configured and working. The miner only needs to register in the system and pay for the services.
  • This is profitable, our farm is located in a country with low electricity and a rather cool climate.
  • Cloud mining of cryptocurrency does not require constant monitoring. The user does not need to monitor the condition of the equipment: mining of coins is an automated process, and the reward is regularly transferred to the miner’s account.
  • Cloud mining of bitcoins is available to every user. It is difficult, unproductive and costly to mine this cryptocurrency alone.
  • Low entry threshold – you can try your hand at a cheap tariff plan from $ 1, and only then invest larger amounts.
Finco Cash officially registered company in the UK (Company Number 12835965) 

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