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Welcome to the project with the withdrawal of money * energy-farm !* Not a guarantee of return on investment. The unwillingness of users to familiarize themselves with the terms of participation in the game does not change the essence of the project. It is assumed that upon registration, the user agrees with all the terms of the project and disposes of the funds, understanding all the risks.

Project Description allows you to manage a team of virtual sea pirates. Our pirates are kind, they do not seize ships, but are looking for lost treasures. You can exchange these virtual treasures for real money and withdraw them to your wallet of the Payeer payment system. For the possibility of increasing income, the game has surfing and daily bonuses.

Game process

The project currency is piastres. 1 piastre = 1 kopeck. The funds in the game are divided into 3 balances – for hiring, for surfing and for withdrawal. The recruitment balance is used to recruit pirates to the crew. This balance is replenished through an exchange from the balance for withdrawal, when funds are deposited from an external payment system Payeer and when a bonus is received. Treasures obtained by pirates can be sold. Funds from the sale of treasures are credited to the account for withdrawal, as well as payment for viewed surfing, as well as referral charges. Funds from the withdrawal account can be exchanged in one direction for a balance for purchases.
Immediately after registration, 5,000 piastres will be credited to the balance for hiring. This amount is just enough to hire one of the pirates. This pirate can generate a small income, which you can increase by hiring other pirates to join the team. The fastest way is to top up your game balance. The more the pirate’s salary, the more he will bring profit and the faster the investment will pay off.


The project has an entertainment function and does not guarantee full reimbursement of all investments of a particular user. For the development of accounts, as well as for the promotion of their sites in surfing, the project provides for the input of funds. From these replenishments, the project reserve is formed (the reserve is 100% of the replenishment of the game and 90% of the advertising balance minus the funds paid). Withdrawals to Payeer wallets cannot exceed the amount of the game payout reserve. After the payment of all funds from the current season’s reserve, the account development parameters will return to their original state (reset to zero) and the project will enter the next season. In this case, no compensation or remuneration is provided. When registering for a project, each user must understand all the risks of participation.

Payment systems

The only payment system of the project is PAYEER . Deposits and withdrawals are instant, the commission of the PAYEER payment system is 0.95% (less than 1 kopeck from 1 ruble).

Funds for site maintenance and administration profit

Funds for the maintenance of the site and the profit of the administration are formed from 10% of the amount replenished by users of the surfing balance, as well as from earnings from advertising located on the site.

Duration and seasonality of the site

The website works seasonally. A season is a period during which the continuous development of accounts occurs. With the end of the season, payments to users stop and a new (next) season begins. At the beginning of the season, the progress of all registered user accounts is reset. The length of the season is due to the availability of funds in the reserve for payments of the current season. The end date of the season cannot be set exactly. The duration of the overall work of the site is also not established. The site may cease to exist at any moment by the decision of the organizer.

energy-farm !* 🤡👉🏿

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