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WhatsApp services were suspended all over the world including Pakistan a few days ago and soon became a top trend on Twitter and people expressed their views in this regard. Some people expressed serious views in this regard when That some people ridiculed the company for suspending services.
Reham Khan, the ex-wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan, also made a meaningful tweet in this regard. In her tweet, she said, “I hope that WhatsApp will be banned in Pakistan.” This did not go unnoticed by Khushbakht Sarfraz, wife of former national team captain Sarfraz Ahmed, and she slammed Reham Khan, saying: They have WhatsApp as a means of communication, think before you speak.

Rameez Raja called Misbah-ul-Haq the Dhoni of the poor man. In a YouTube interview, the former Test cricketer said that the former Indian captain Dhoni never had any expression on his face and did not show any emotion. Misbah-ul-Haq also has a similar temperament. I will say but now he is the head coach so he has to change his mood, aggression is ingrained in the DNA of our cricketers.
Rameez Raja said that in order to move the national team in the right direction, Misbah-ul-Haq also has to adopt a new era of thinking. Sometimes he looks too cautious. If there is talent in Pakistan, then what is he afraid of? Rameez Raja also suggested the appointment of a coach as per the need of each tour of the national team. He demanded inclusion of Pak-India competitions in the next cycle of the Test Championship and said that Pak-India of the first round of the Test Championship. There was no time without competitions, other teams did not play equal matches and the points system was not correct, there should be a separate 3 month window for the Test Championship in which all the teams would have the opportunity to play against each other There should be no other cricket in the next period of the ship, this will increase the popularity of the test format and will also attract sponsors.

Rameez Raja lamented the disappointing performance of the Pakistan team on foreign grounds and said that preparations for any foreign tour should start six months in National team chief selector Muhammad Waseem dismissed rumors of differences with head coach Misbah-ul-Haq and captain Babar Azam over the tour of South Africa and Zimbabwe. Talking on a YouTube channel, Mohammad Waseem said that the team management and selection committee are on the same page. Regarding the team that was announced for the last team series, I can say that 100% work is a mutual agreement. Were made on the basis of and this time too it has happened.
I am reading on many platforms that Babar Azam had asked for 11 players, I am also wondering which 11 players in Pakistan are better than the selected players, people here don’t think before giving news, something like that Did not happen

He also expressed his views on the inclusion of opener Sharjeel Khan in the T20 squad despite fitness concerns.

Mohammad Waseem said that if we look at the fitness of Sharjeel, it is not suitable for ODI cricket and we all agreed on it, Fakhr Zaman is suitable for ODIs because his fitness is good, we have given them all. Things were discussed and we all had almost the same opinion on it, most of the selected players were selected at the request of the captain and coach.
Mohammad Waseem explained the reason behind not selecting opener Fakhr Zaman in the T20 squad. “We talked about Fakhr but if you look at the squad, we can only have one opener, when we Comparing the two and looking at the current form, we decided to keep Sharjeel in the T20 squad and Fakhr in the ODI squad, Babar and Rizwan are performing well as openers that is why Sharjeel Khan is in the team.

Muhammad Waseem said that the openers are there and if the team management chooses Sharjeel then Babar or Rizwan can come third. Our job is to provide the available resources to the team and also provide them backup while the final team captain and coach. Let’s select, we have tried to have the kind of player needed in the squad.

A total of 35 members of the national white ball squad announced for South Africa this year underwent 19 Tests. Only one player tested positive in the March 16 test.
Therefore, all the others who have tested negative for the Covid 19 test will reach Lahore on Thursday, March 18.
The training camp of the national squad will start on Friday, March 19 at Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore.
Athletes who have tested positive for Corona will now be tested again at their residence on Thursday. If the test report is negative, the player will be allowed to come to Lahore, where after 2 days of isolation. The third test will be taken

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