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Getting up before the alarm goes off, calmly enjoying a cup of tea with a magazine in hand and leaving the office after at least half an hour of expert make-up, usually for working women. It’s like a dream. It is difficult for a working woman to have such a beautiful and calm start in the morning if she does not get enough sleep in her daily activities, because in fact the working woman’s morning alarm is not on the first or second but on the third, fourth or sometimes the fifth bell. Is.
It is common for most working women to rush to the office to get up late and go to the office with a few sips of tea or coffee.

When women go to the office, they sit in the car and fix their make-up and every time they are told that if they get up early, they can prepare well. Instead of the value of time, today we will talk about these make-up trucks. , Which can make you look beautiful even without makeup time, so let’s find out how this is possible.

Prepare the skin
The most important thing for a perfect look is how you prepare your skin for make-up. If your skin is oily and you don’t have time for morning cleansing, leave home in the morning. Before going out, apply a small amount of primer on your face and keep cleansing wipes in your purse. Then whether you are on the flight or in the office, this primer will help keep your skin clean and germ-free.
The market is full of moisturizers and lotions, but choose the standard moisturizer. The job of the moisturizer is to keep the skin of the face soft and supple, which is applied before the foundation and base. The middle acts like a wall.
Sponge or foundation brush
There will be more brushes to apply foundation in your dressing room or on the dressing table or you may be familiar with the expert method of applying foundation by hand but if time is short then apply foundation with brush or fingers instead. Use a foundation sponge.

Foundation, concealer and highlighter
Your handbag make-up kit should be in a slightly different combo style than your dressing table kit. Women usually choose a combination of foundation and concealer to keep in their purse, but with that you must choose a high lighter. Highlighter highlights the bones of the eyebrows, cheeks and inner corners of the eyes in seconds, then there is no reason why your eyes should not look big.
High lighter brush is not suitable for handbag kit, powder high lighter can be applied beautifully even with fingers.
Conto color
From morning till the end of a long day, pay attention to the canto color to look fresh and active. This makes the face attractive. This is also the secret of the beauty of many celebrities in red carpet celebrations.
Conto color sticks and powders are used for the canto color. For the handbag make-up kit, since the foundation stick is used only with one or two deep or light shades, these shades are suitable for your skin tone. Can be blended with a selected canto color stick. Apply two lines from the cheeks to the line jaw to make the face look thinner and taller, then absorb it in such a way that it does not mix with the face base. And don’t look too prominent.
If one’s nose is thick, one should make the nose color so that the nose looks thin and long. Double chin can also be hidden by the nose color.
Don’t have time for makeup?
In the last step, choose a bold color for the lipstick with the highlighter. Apply a light touch of the highlighter on the upper part of the cheeks. You are ready to compete for a long day with expert make-up and freshness.

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