Malwarebytes Premium Free Key For Lifetime 2021

Malwarebytes Premium Free Key For Lifetime – This antivirus protects your PC from tons of viruses and threats offline, and it keeps you safe online from hackers and data tracing sites.

When activated with Malwarebytes Premium Activation KeyMalwarebytes is once and for all antivirus you will ever need, because it provides you security from all sorts of malware, offline and online. You name any malicious program, and it can detect it and destroy. Unlike any other antiviruses, it scans your system to its depth and finds even hidden malware and roots them out. This way, it doesn’t let your PC’s performance down, and your data is safe, too.

With Malwarebytes premium, you can surf online without any dread of your information being stolen or your activities being spied on. Malwarebytes premium offers you privacy with next-gen VPN that keeps your internet connection encrypted and, allows you to change your location to anywhere in the world. It provides you with virtual IP address, too, so your activities can’t be traced and stored by any website.

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Malwarebytes Free Vs. Premium

The problem is, you can only avail all the features we have talked about above with Malwarebytes Premium. Though Malwarebytes also lets you to use it for free, but it is only for 14 days. After it, you will have to purchase it and activate it with license ID and activation key. But don’t worry! Just wait till end, we are here to give you malware bytes free premium license key and license ID list, so you could activate and run Malwarebytes Premium for lifetime.

Features and benefits of Malwarebytes Premium

If you have Malwarebytes activation keys and its ID, it opens for you all following features.

* It cleans your PC and remove every category of malware, so your system could keep its performance high, and your data remains protected and intact from threats.

* While browsing online, Malwarebytes Premium keeps you safe and away from harmful websites which are likely to track your activities and bombard you with unnecessary advertisements. Or websites lure you to click on some link and thus install malware in your system to collect private information like Bank details, IDs and Passwords, Credential documents and so on and so forth.

* Malwarebytes provides you shield against ransomware. With this feature, there is next to nothing chance that your PC being hacked, locked and you being asked to pay money to access it back.

* It provides you real-time protection. Malwarebytes hunts every new malware out there and provides protection against it. So, if there is a new malware, you will be the last person to be affected by it.

* If you are on Wi-Fi, Malwarebytes will encrypt it. This way no one is likely to break your security and gain access to your internet connection.

* With its next-gen VPN, Malwarebytes Premium provides you with virtual IP address, so no one can track your location and activities. It also allows you to change your location and show it to be anywhere across the globe.

After seeing above benefits and features, who would not rush to install Malwarebytes and purchase Malware bytes activation key, no matter how costly it is. Because at the end of the day, we like to protect our privacy and data even if we have to spend some money on security rather than compromising with it.

But we are here to put you in win-win situation as we will be providing you with Malwarebytes premium activation keys, so you could save money and do party on this occasion of activating this awesome antivirus for free.

Now let’s see how to install Malwarebytes for free and activate it with Malwarebytes premium free key.

How to activate Malwarebytes Premium for free?

To install Malwarebytes antivirus for free, click on this link:

Or you can go to official site of Malwarebytes, and from there, you can also download it for free.

After installing Malwarebytes in your system, click it to open. The window will appear similar to given below:


Now go to upper right corner and click that “Activate License” button. After having clicked it, the window will open as given below:


Now you need to pay attention. Just don’t rush down to copy license key from our given list of Malwarebytes premium free activation key and ID. Because if you do so, it won’t work. The reason is that it is asking for only License Key, but below we have listed pairs of free Malwarebytes license key and ID, and they work together.

The next step is, you see the red arrow pointing to switch button? Go and switch it to right and it will turn blue. It will open a window as shown in the below picture:


Finally, it’s time to go to the free Malwarebytes license key and ID list. Go there and copy a pair of License ID and key, and paste each in its appropriate place. Don’t copy an ID from one pair and a license key from another pair. It won’t work because a license key and an ID make a pair, and they work together.

List of Malwarebytes Premium Free Activation Key With License ID For LifeTime

Note: Hurry up and be the first to activate your Malwarebytes with below license keys and IDs. Because each license key can be used only in 2 PCs. After this limit, it can’t be used anymore.

New List of Malwarebytes 4.0 Lifetime Premium Key x10

  1. 9PS96: AYVH-5M3A-215E-J81F
  2. 5NS43:DXR7-0XD5-XJWA-X5F9
  3. 5SZ65: AKLJ-EJL3-05MK-9031
  4. 8SE82: XWCF-U53J-55BV-QJRX
  5. 2DZ25: FYJV-RA3E-N8QC-V8MM
  6. 6WS42:LR61-TKEF-V7PF-UGQ0
  7. 1IW63:PTT5-VWEW-H9CE-5VYE
  8. 5JS79: HNKL-XDAW-7DJ0-11CC
  9. 9WS88:Y9G0-KMH4-2T2J-GFQA
  10. 4SX22:DE61-GTKP-NY8L-2WQC
  11. 9DZ86: RRMY-BV9D-VCFV-9E27


  • Download and install
  • Check “My License cam with a LicenseID”
  • Key format is XXXXX:AAAA-AAAA-AAAA-AAAA.
  • X – LicenseID
  • A – LicenseKey

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List of Malware Bytes Keys – License ID:License Key

We hope with our help, you were able to install Malwarebytes antivirus for free and activate it with our free Malwarebytes premium activation key and ID. Now you don’t need to worry about offline and online threats to your PC. With this antivirus, your system and data both are protected and in safe hands

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