He is a man in front of a girl who is forced to become like them, scientists in modern research has revealed interesting

London (IANS) It’s usually pretty face attractive to women, men have believed. According to the British newspaper The Daily Star reported that scientists say “women are drawn to men who go to take care of others and help them. A man who jumped into the water for the homeless and hungry to make a buy food or save a drowning child, women are forced to like a man. ”

If you wish to establish a long relationship with the opposite gender eat together something at the first meeting, the research scientists have revealed extremely interesting
According to the scientists showed pictures of the men, a group of women for their study and tell them of his men and asked them to men like them. Experts found that women who help others that his priority was given to men who told him about the beautiful men. According to experts, because women do not like your kind, good and caring men to the women’s group also selected men for long term relationship. “

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