Mango is the king of fruits

As soon as summer arrives, the wait for mangoes begins. Whether it is the era of Amir Khosrow or the time of Mirza Ghalib, whether it is the gatherings of politicians or invitations, all are fanatics of mangoes. Ghalib liked mangoes very much, this fruit also gave strength to his poetic taste. Thus Ghalib said very well, “If there are mangoes, there are many.” This proverb became our lifestyle.

Mango comes in the form of curry before ripening. Its pickle is added. Even today rich people send mango belts as gifts to their loved ones and relatives. If they go to meet in summer, it is a gift of mangoes. It is taken away. This beautiful ritual has definitely become less due to inflation but it is still called living culture.

Mango is really a fruit that is associated with civilization and history.

There are so many types it’s hard to say. Anwar Ratul comes for a very short period of time. In fact, the right time to eat mangoes is after the rains because by that time the mangoes are ripe and ready and their sweetness and nutrition increase during the rainy season. If not, the mangoes should be soaked in cold water overnight and eaten the next day.

Pakistan’s Punjab and Sindh are ranked first and second respectively for mango production. The arrival of this fruit in the markets starts in mid-May and initially Dussehra, Sindhri, Diamond and Saroli are seen. Then there is Chounsa, which is considered to be the sweetest overall.
There are 149 varieties of pen mangoes grown in Pakistan, of which saffron, triam, Infanso, Caesar, Dilpsand, Sabzposh Samar, Behesht, Fajri and others are very popular.
The people of Sindh like Sindhri. Its bright color is yellow and it is bigger in size than other varieties.

Mango Festivals
Mango fairs are held in both Pakistan and the United Kingdom. The Mirpur Khas festival is very popular in Sindh where the pens of local farmers are displayed. Exporters take part in this exhibition with great enthusiasm. Mango is important for our economy. The government of Pakistan earns millions of dollars every year from its export. Pakistani mangoes are also widely consumed in the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. The Mango Festival is also held in London more or less every year. We also cherish our Pakistani gift with all our heart and soul.

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