Many Times Hon Patrick Obahiagbon Confused Nigerians With His Grammar

By the time Patrick Obahiagbon came into limelight 2007 representing Oredo Federal Constituency of Edo state at the House of Representatives, he has began to confuse Nigerian youths with his grammar ever since. He is found of speaking jaw-breaking words and grammar, like literally jaw breaking. Sure you can’t dear to pronounce the words  when you’re hungry of angry.

When Vanguard news interviewed him, they pleaded with him to speak with his audience in words they can understand, and he went;

”The intention is not to deliberately befuddle or obfuscate them. I do not set out to deposit my audience in a portmanteau of indecipherability”

This literarily means that he doesn’t mean to confuse us intentionally in simple English.

But now we ask, if it’s not intentional, what is it Honorable?

It’s time Honorable Obahiagbon speak to us in layman English because life is really too short to look for a dictionary; do you agree?

Here are 4 times Honorable Obahiagbon confused us with his grammar;

#1. When he spoke about the death of former ASUU President

“The grand initiation of Professor Festus Iyayi is a lancinating loss of another stentorian voice, against retrograde and prebendal forces of primitive mercantilism. That he passed through transition on matters pro bono publico, bears eloquent testimony to our state of dystopia. Such is the evanescence of life. It’s all vanitas vanitatum”

In layman English: It is a loss of this statesman and the fact that he died in service shows how scary everything is.

Many Times Hon Patrick Obahiagbon Confused Nigerians With His Grammar

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